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Bashful Trash



A former runaway and stubborn romantic, I recount my dreams over breakfast and befriend pianos everywhere. I'm nineteen and I enjoy gallivanting about the Village in search of avant garde debauchery and good books. I also enjoy almost anything by David Lynch, almost anything with an accordion in it, and sending and receving almost anything in the mail. I'm new to recording, but one day I hope to gather a troupe of gentle rogues and make sounds like Belle & Sebastian, Low, Beck, R.E.M., and the Magnetic Fields, all in one.


Mr. Librarian

Written By: Dorit Finkel

I'm looking for a summer romance
A real page-turner
Under any other circumstance
I'd be a tamer customer
But Mr. Librarian
With your glasses and your cardigan
I think you should check me out when I return.

Do you have any mysteries
That I can work through?
Is the date you're stamping on that sleeve
The next time I can see you?
'Cause Mr. Librarian
I feel a happy ending coming on
And I think you should check me out when I return.

You hide behind those shelves all day
You need a little paperback to come your way
So skip ahead to page one hundred and two
Where the hero's main interest says "I love you!"

I'm looking for a summer romance
In fact, I'm overdue
And I'm thinking I should take a chance
And crack the spine of something new
So Mr. Librarian
Put my number in your system
'Cause I think you should check me out when I return!