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Radio Girl

Written By: Dori Turner

She grew up with a velvet Elvis hangin' on her bedroom wall
Guess her daddy never did leave her much of anything at all
The radio taught her when you aint got nothin' there's nothin left to lose
And she sang along with the AM station to "Love Me Tender" and "Blue Suede Shoes."

She's a radio girl, a radio girl
It's been a cold, hard world
For this radio girl
She'd like to try a little happiness
Thinks she'll give it a whirl
You know you gotta love her
She's a genuine radio girl

Now, life as seen through postcards collected at the bottom of a drawer
Gave this wide-eyed girl the impetus to reach for somethin' more
So to "Heartaches By the Number, Troubles By the Score"
She scrawled her mama a farewell note and she sauntered out the door.


Now she's thirty-one and standin' up to someone who done her wrong
Just like a lonesome heroine from a Bobbi Gentry song
She rises like a phoenix from the flame, she's headed for the door
He swears that he will change, but she's heard that tune before.


You know you gotta love her
She's a real-live, bona fide, genuine radio girl

Galileo Lied

Written By: Dori Turner

Feels like the world is flat today
And Galileo lied
The skies are cold and dark just like
The day that Lennon died

And all the people in the street
They're walkin' around like sheep
In this world inherited by the meek,
disenfranchized, half-asleep

Well, I hate to rain on your parade
But Galileo lied, Galileo lied
Open up your eyes, Galileo lied

Platitudes wear thin today
Whichever flag's unfurled
What a fine reminder of the way
that money rules the world

We're lost inside a wilderness
So many strangers here
Everyday we're given less and less
With more and more to fear

Yes, I hate to rain on your parade
But Galileo lied, Galileo lied
Open up your eyes, REALIZE
Galileo lied, lied, lied...

Indian Ink

Written By: Dori Turner

His eyes were dark, the color of indian ink
His face bore the tell-tale traces of the Mediterranean Sea
He was a handsome boy, a brooding boy, beautiful
And he captured you, enraptured you with his foreign tales and tunes

He set off to sail the Strait of Gibraltar
To sketch the coasts of Spain and Morocco
To walk along the mighty cliffs of Dover
To scale the snow-capped peaks of Kilimanjaro
And you wonder if he'll ever come sailing back this way
And you strain to recollect all the things he said that day
Maybe when the sapphire sea turns cobalt blue
He'll return to you

He painted skies in hues ablaze, in shades of tangerine and burgundy
And he painted you that portrait there, your hair against a field of verdant green
You were a bonny lass, a Belfast lass, beautiful
And you captured him, enraptured him with your alabaster skin


And maybe when the moon sets opalescent over the open ocean
And the sapphire sea turns cobalt blue
He'll return... he'll return to you

His eyes were dark, the color of indian ink


Songbook - 2003
Songs for Dark Days - 2005 (soon to be released)