We are the hardest working unsigned band in the country. Imagine an X-rated Blink 182 with ambiton to boot. Aside from touring nationally on our own, we have also played on the entire Warped Tour in 04', 05' and we're gearing up for '06.


In December 2005, Music Connection Magazine named D.O.R.K. one of the Hot 100 Unsigned Artists of 2005

In 2003 D.O.R.K. was able to work their way onto one Warped Tour date. In 2004, D.O.R.K. toured the US and Canada for the entire famed Vans Warped Tour. Tour founder Kevin Lyman was quoted in the Denver Post as calling them "The ultimate DIY kids."

D.O.R.K. played all Warped Tour dates in 2005. WarpedTour.com wrote an article calling them the hardest working band in the history of the tour.

Over 4500 cds have been sold nationwide since July of 2004. That includes over 2000 of their latest e.p. "The K.R.O.D.FATHER" since June 18 2005.

D.O.R.K. has three songs in the major film release of "American Pie: Band Camp"

The band has completed 10 multi-state tours and played over 320 shows since 2002.

The guys performed at South By Southwest Music Conference in Austin, 2003, 2004 and 2005.

D.O.R.K. continues to tour, often playing the Whisky a-Go-Go in West Hollywood. Locally, D.O.R.K. frequently sells out their shows, and are often asked to open for major acts like Story of the Year, Zebrahead and Lucky Boys Confusion.

ClearChannel invited the band to play the huge KTLC Big Adventure Show in Denver opening for famed rockers Bad Religion, Social D, Pennywise, Unwritten Law, Bowling for Soup, and Goldfinger.

The band has recorded songs with legendary multi-platinum producer Geza-x (Primus, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Face To Face, Sonic Youth, Meredith Brooks).

The Nerd Herd Street Team spreads the word over the internet (over 28,000 Myspace friends in under ayear) and on the street with stickers and flyers about D.O.R.K.


The K.R.O.D.father
(Copyright 2005. D.O.R.K. Music)

Dork Side of the Moon EP
(Copyright 2004. D.O.R.K. Music)

Furious George LP
(Copyright 2003. D.O.R.K. Music)

Set List

Typically 30-45 minutes, although we've played for as long as 3 hours.

Set length varries depending on time constraints.