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GREAT MUSIC GREAT LIVE SHOW "DMG” is a unique blend of Alternative rock, / Hip Hop / New Wave


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"DMG" is a unique blend of Alternative, rock and Hip Hop with a soulful twist. The group consists of two members: Kalli, and Q along with there live band "____" drums, "Erik" bass, "Dito"guitar, and Dj Seizure."DMG" success has been marked by the buzz they've created giving fans a great live show and the numbers they have on the worldwide Internet platform known as
With 13,923 friends/fans over 180,000 profile views and over 500,000 plays of their songs. It is certain that with "DMG" professionalism, work ethics, and charisma audiences will experience an amazing show that is sure to attract a multitude of spectators of all ages. "DMG" is the next big thing in music please be on the look out for them.


Takes Me Away

Written By: DMG

She Takes Me Away


Written By: DMG feat. PM


two in the morning with too much to do
and im thinkin to myself thats too much for you
should i throw my hands up like too much im through
cuz im seeing too more to every two in my view
got the spins, trying to act way too cool
this glass is half empty it was way too full
im way too gone the lights is too bright
so i threw my two up and said peace for tonight. . .

its really really nice to meet you girl
but i dont know your name
im trying to get you in this party fo' it gets too late
before it gets too late
before it gets too late
before it gets too late
before it gets too...


I remember,
I couldnt afford a motorolla timeport
now them haters saying i aint got the time for him
cuz i dont see them through them frames of them tom ford's
but hold up, let me adjust my view
and you, are now granted access
to look into the life of a baller who does shit in excess
told myself i was going cold turkey
eventually knowing all them bottles was gon' hurt me
mixed with the fact she saying she gon' serve me
now and later, i had to take her
up on her offer, up on an awesome,
ride even if we dont remember tonight i told her...
it was...



And Im'a need one more before the night is done
and keep it coming cuz tonight is young
one more, im'a light it up,
and keep it comin . . .
See i dont know why u trying to act all why he aint calling me back
(a ha ha ha ha)
Its not that look, we probably drank, and uh right now, im drawing a blank
(ha ha ha)
Look im gone in an instant baby
Burning like a torch in the olympics baby,
Listen baby, 3 a.m. and the night still infant, baby

(Bridge) (Kalli)
And if i dont remember tonight
Try to not be offended tonight
Cuz i know by the end of the night,
We gon' Overflow



So im speedin', weavin, bobbin lanes,
Bumpin N.E.R.D. Bobby James
I know they thinkin like, "He gon probably change"
But uhm, NAH,
See i got a little thing for excessive a love for expensive
caught up with the reckless im up on the guestlist
im up at the entrance, i know the club is pitch black,
but im still up on these lenses
So i signal for the bottle service (over here!)
Thats when all the models surfaced
And the liquor starts creepin' slow
wont remember tonight but it was really really nice to meet you though...

(Hook) Repeat x 2



Set List

We Have Sets Of 15min, 25min, 30min, & 1hour