Doron Ferdman

Doron Ferdman


Tired of the same old singer/songwriter, sappy love song type guys? Well, Doron incorporates his witty sarcasm, and creative sense of humor to connect with his audience of all ages. Catchy melodies, mixed with jazzy pop/rock guitar and bass lines give Doron his unique presence in the music industry.


"This guy is solid... all around great performer, musician" - Steve Harman, The Hour, September 2004

" my opinion, the best songwriter in city" - Arnold Wexler, Montreal Gazette, March 2005

Doron Ferdman has created a name for himself in his hometown of Montreal. As a former punk/rock lead singer of 3JP (you may remember his song 'Closure' which was released in 2002 and reached the top 100 on the Billboard) who later broke away and began performing solo at local bars and clubs. After about two years of open mics, and recording, Universal Records signed Doron to an artist development deal after a show case in New York city. He is now kicking off a North American tour in Montreal, and is set to release his debut EP titled, "Think Twice" after the single which has already received radio airplay on local and national stations.

Doron's style, if it were categorized, would be acoustic pop/rock with strong jazz and blues influences. Even though a lot of his lyrics are witty and somewhat sarcastic, he can also touch his audience unexpectadly with heartfelt melodies and concepts of life and love. What to expect at a Doron Ferdman show? Doron makes his audience feel like he is conversing with them, he uses a lot of humor between songs and really engages his fans. With his creative stage presence and unique craft for writing songs, Doron Ferdman is an act to follow.


"Lately", May 2006 release

Set List

We can play for 2hrs, all original music, and the occasional cover songs here and there.