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London, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2011

London, United Kingdom
Established on Jan, 2011
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""Lithuanian Talents 2011 second-place winner Dorothy again not be involved in the project (video)"

DISCLAIMER: Originally posted in Lithuanian.

"Everybody expects to win. Of course, that upset. But what to do, I do not feel defeated, "- says Dorothy Kravčenkaitė (13 m.), The project" Lithuanian Talents 2011 second-place winner. While the eyes of the girls declared the winner of the project netryško joy, Dorothy says that a few hours after the finals, it is best to look at the sad thoughts give up.

"Lithuanian Talents 2011 finals after completing their creative song" I do not need you anymore, "Vilnius International School student captured the Commission and the hearts of viewers. Many of them hoped that the publication of the winner, all will hear exactly the intelligent Dorothea name. Although the young girl did not spare viewers 3,864 votes, so their was not enough to overtake first-place winner, also carried out the work of Marius Petrauskas, whom their sympathies allocated 5 104 spectators.

"It seemed to me that the finals were all worthy of first place. I received very little support from school friends and relatives. I can tell you so much that I do not feel defeated. I feel the second place winner, and not the first-place loser. I will not hide, Sunday night was a little sad, but now everything is fine "- portal said Dorothy.

Speaking of his impressions from television project D.Kravčenkaitė said that despite the fact that he has suffered a lot of fun, for the second time in this project do not attend: "We need to move forward. I do not think that participating again something changed. After all, every year are looking for new talent. However, memories of the best out there. "

Vilnius Balys Dvarionas Music School Visitor Thirteen said that she likes to sing most of their songs. It was during the last year and visited Dorothy muses that help her songs notebook filled with new lyrics: "I prefer to do my greyhound tracks, because I know exactly what they want to say to the audience. The other authors' works have a more empathic work hard on the lyrics. You need more brains than to deliver the message to me listening to the audience. "

When asked whether the end of the project, it still thinking about leaving for the United States of America, Dorothy laughed: "I'm still too young a lot of planning." However, the owner of a great voice did not deny that when the time comes to think about the future, it seriously and think about life abroad.

"We'll see how things will be. I really love Lithuania, here I really like. However, higher foreign market, more room for improvement, though does not mean that Lithuania is bad. But why not try somewhere else, "- said D.Kravčenkaitė. - Beatrice Jurevičiūtė

"A trip to the "Lithuanian Talents 2011 finals got the singer's - triumphed in the 13-year-old Dorothy and the group" Smile ""

DISCLAIMER: This article was originally posted in Lithuanian

As usual on Sundays, to television screens the crowd gathered another "Lithuania Talent semi-final. Ketvirtąsyk for two places in the finals of the project on March 10 stood talents.

Vilnius Economy Bank theater arena atmosphere collateral from the very first minutes of the event, when the scene had specifically Lithuanian talent was founded Project Smile.

English girls singing six semi finals chose Beyonce track "Halo" and the band Katrina & The Waves "work" Walking On Sunshine "mixture, which is borrowed from the series" Chorus "(Eng." Glee "). Students from Kaunas both the audience and the judges bribed a good mood, and the selected image.

Second at the scene climbed modern dance improvisations creating "fresco" dancers from Vilkaviškis. Rich girls squad showed a sensual dance and synchronized by the audience welcomed even screams. "If a famous Russian poet Sergei Yesenin, whose wife was Isadora Duncan, come back from the Beyond, it saw 16 such a barefooted Isadora neprablaivėtų all year," - praising joked Vytautas Sapranauskas.

The Lithuanian Venice - Minge - traveled artist Mindaugas Miseikis listeners tried to bribe the song. Singing farmer welcomed pianist and violinist, and the audience applause greeted Mindaugas done by George Frideric Handel aria "Ombra mai fu". R.Ščiogolevaitė boy wished not to lose the idealism and withstand storms of life. "You do not have the Academy, you need to print the tickets and everything" - said V.Šapranauskas. Marijus Mikutavičius considered that he will do better fishing Minge, if you succeed M.Mišeikis emigration.

Not for the first time luck "Lithuanian Talents" tried dance group "Red Studio" happy crowd face three scenarios "from the garage." Blue "mechanics" overalls dancing girls started halfway through the show detaches the upper part of the suit After a piece called "Sexy and I Know It". "Panos, you unreal!" - Emotions spew M.Mikutavičius. R.Ščiogolevaitė glad that now women no longer standalone queues in order to change the tires, because all the men go to the "Red Studio".

Young beatbox enthusiast from Kaunas 13-year-old Harry Chabibulinas entertained the audience iliac tunes reminiscent of the sounds. "Now I am calmer because my nearly 4-year-old son started beatboxinti . I thought it is better to let it be a singer or dancer. I was convinced that the beatbox nicely is not possible, I was wrong and I bow before you, "- said R.Ščiogolevaitė. "My three babies also has just started beatboxinti " - quipped M.Mikutavičius.

Džiazuoti swing and Lindy Hop-loving "Lindy-Hoppers' Dancer was sixth. Schoolboy soviet uniforms adorned with the girls jumped energetic but brief dance. It is for the duration of the dance sounded all judges accusations - they wanted to enjoy the dance longer.

Event presenter and singer Martin Balskus appeared on the stage singing the famous song "Baila Morena". The piece is the end of the stage and climbed artist lover and muse Jane. "You sing well, but everything else was so tasty that I have not heard the song," - said R.Ščiogolevaitė, although the audience did not support her. "I was also tasty, it is the first appearance in the semi-finals. I waited for Salome and the thought that she will come out naked "- played a disappointment V.Šapranauskas.

"Outplay" Šapro swear words

It turned out that a short "Lindy-Hoppers dancers had to be longer -" school bell "rang girls too early. V.Šapranauskas, explained that the letter "pi" is equal to 3.14, said that, in his opinion, "the situation is 3,14zdec" and repeatedly insisted that the girls would be allowed to appear again, because the judges and the audience deserves to see the entire their dance.

True, evening presenters did not want to debate, inviting artists to perform for another evening. Dance partners were beloved Pius and Gintare jumped sensual dance by Christina Aguilera's song "Express" from the movie "Burlesque." However, commenting on the dance judges spoke more about the head neišeinančias lindyhoperes.

American dance originating - poping lover Edwin Auschwitz semifinal appearance "klonavosi" and appeared together with also dressed In'Beat. "It was unreal," - he said M.Mikutavičius and R.Ščiogolevaitė noticed that there was a greater emphasis on a strong movement adjusting lights.

The future of the scene linking 13-year-old Dorothy Kravčenkaitė yourself sharing the piano by the English their creative song, which was warmly welcomed by the congregation hall. "Looking at you, I know one and other opinions can not be. You are the perfect diamond talent, "- said M.Mikutavičius. "When you sang, I imagined that a man crawling through the desert this life, feel that soon will end, and suddenly the angel descends from heaven on behalf of Dorothy and lodges a glass of pure water" - poetically speaking V.Šapranauskas. "I would be surprised if one day you would not be a singer. You have all the data to be artist. You have a voice, which itself has an innate knowledge of how to behave on stage, you're musical, you're not narcissistic, and has a distinctive style. You - hundred percent talent, "- complimenting sparkle and R.Ščiogolevaitė. By the way, it is tried D.Kravčenkaitė happiness "Children's Eurovision.

"We had probably the strongest semi-final semi-final series," - said M.Mikutavičius. He supported and Ruth and V.Šapranauskas. R.Ščiogolevaitė pledged to the other semi-final, which will take place on January 1st bring your grandmother cooked Kopūstienės that the participants and the judges after the New shortage forces.

Complementing 21.45 .: The majority of its votes and a trip to the finals viewers gave Dorothy. The girl did not hide the excitement and wonder. The second and third places viewers voting table occupied "Smile" singer and "fresco" dancer. Of the two teams had to collect the second finalist judges. V.Šapranauskas gave voice Smile, M.Mikutavičius - "fresco", and gave the casting vote R.Ščiogolevaitė Smile. - KARINA ZIMINAITĖ


Doroteja has released a multitude of songs on her YouTube channel.
First EP is currently being recorded. - Stay tuned!



Doroteja (Dorotėja Kravčenkaitė) was born on April 19th, 1998 in Vilnius, Lithuania. She started taking singing lessons from a very early age after her brother’s choir director heard her humming one of the choir’s songs and offered to teach her. Right from the start it was obvious that she loved to perform, at the age of four she was already singing to large crowds in music halls and being watched by thousands behind their television screens.

Doroteja began taking piano lessons at the age of six from her singing teachers mother, wrote her first song at the age of seven, and at the age of eleven decided to enter a music school. There she studied jazz vocals, piano and composition, among other things, and within a year had won second place in “Lithuania’s Got Talent” and “Mano Nata”, the Lithuanian national young composers competition.

In 2015 she was chosen by Disney to dub Riley in  the animated movie “Inside Out”, as well as sing the female volcano part in their short teaser “Lava”. 

In October 2015 Doroteja moved to London and currently studies vocals at BIMM. She is working on her first EP and hopes to one day become a professional musician and artist.

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