Dorothy Ludlow Healing Oasis In Christ Ministry

Dorothy Ludlow Healing Oasis In Christ Ministry


Original text based on Scripture,spoken over traditional instrumental music as well as original, and copywrited songs. A CD that reaches people on a journey to inner healing with reflective moments centering on letting go and becoming free. Life is not a dress rehearsal a call to living in the now.


Dorothy Ludlow has been involved in music and ministry for the past 40 years. She is a sought-after conference speaker who brings her audiences to an appreciation of the Gospel as it applies to their life. She has provided leadership through the Cursillo Movement, Charismatic Renewal, Church Missions, death and dying, families in crisis, spiritual direction and individual counselling. Musically she has performed for various organizations over most of her lifetime. In the latter years she has used the gift of story telling to give her audiences an appreciation of what they have built and have passed on to others. Her influences are gathered from the life experiences of men and women who have revealed the very heart of God to her. Her journey toward the high places has brought her to a new dawn. She is a wife and mother who has a deep and abiding love for the power of God to change situations in the lives of all of us.


Dorothy has released her CD "Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal, A Time To Heal" in April 2009. The CD has been used on retreat weekends but has never had radio airplay. It is meant for individual meditation or retreat gathering.

Set List

1.Woman At The Well
2.Come To The Water
3.Birth & Infancy
4.God Is So Good
8.Let It Flow
10.Present Day
11.Holy Is His Name
The set list would consist of original spiritual text/meditation over instrumental music interwoven with traditional spiritual songs as well as Dorothy's original song Come To The Water.