"'s like if Belle and Sebastian and Jeff Tweedy had a baby." Dorsey has been called "smart rock," a label of which the band is quite proud. Musicianship and originality are prominent in Dorsey's sound, and that is no mistake.


Dorsey formed in 2005 in Indianapolis, IN. They began work on their forthcoming album "Borrowed Pens" in January of '06 and it is now complete. The album was tracked by Chris Wodock at the Music Garage in Indianapolis, IN, mixed by Jeff Anderson at Sound Logic in Lafayette, IN, and has been mastered by Steve Rooke at Abbey Road Studios in London, UK.


Seven In A Seven-Ten

Written By: R. Glass

She could hurt me
with her goodbyes.
Chasing stars with the moon right by her side.
She wasn't anything,
except the only thing.
Minutes fly by,
I forgot a ticket.
I'm a croquet ball that
just went past the wicket.
you've gotta go back
and do it all again.

There is nothing like being alone.
Playing solitaire will make you feel at home.
You don't have to ask someone
if you can go out and have some fun.
And you can leave the seat up when you're done.

I met her in a Soho diner
sipping coffee and drawing on the liner.
But it wasn't me that she was scribbling.
Driving home the sun was rising.
I'm suffocating on bad timing.
But who needs to breathe?
Not me, obviously.


I'm a bowling pin,
I'm a bowling pin,
I'm a bowling pin,
A seven in a seven-ten.


Penelope (Odd(in C))

Written By: R. Glass

I broke a cigarette
leaning in to kiss you
when giant birds tore open buildings
and they bled into the street.
Penelope, I'll be home soon.

I bet you'll never go to England.
Or else you'll take another plane.
I bet our sins will be forgiven,
but I bet we sin again.
Penelope, here comes the rain.

I took a photograph
so I won't forget you.
We learned you can't out-smart a heartbreak
and there is no win or lose.
Penelope, I'll be home soon.

Should've Wrote A Song

Written By: R. Glass

i need a break
a reason for a camera
a salt water vein
and a sunburn.
peeling the walls
you know there's gonna be a movie
first it was you
now it's my turn.

maybe i was wrong
and knew it all along
i should've wrote a song
for you

i like what i've got
i want a photographic wagon
take it underground
be an eccentric.
i wanna get caught
back when i was learning
back when i knew
i couldn't keep it.

maybe i was wrong
and knew it all along
i should've wrote a song
for you.

i want a photographic wagon.


Written By: R. Glass

the sky is big where you are
butterflies, pixeled eyes, and broken hearts
all the clocks are gonna self destruct at ten
when dried up ink from borrowed pens
will never write a song again


Written By: R. Glass

What if I stole the moon
would that be good enough for you?
What if I made the sun shine on a cloudy day
would you love me?

I could be your superhero
I could be your fantasy
watch me pull a rabbit from my hat
bet you thought that I couldn't do that.

What if I changed the stars so they spelled your name
would you notice?
What if I left it all and we ran away
would you hurt me?

I could be your superhero
I could be your fantasy
watch me pull a rabbit from my hat
bet you thought that I couldn't do that.


Written By: R. Glass

Radio's buzzing the letters I've read
Cut up the flowers and the phone stops ringing
Dodging the footwear over my head
I'll tell you I love you when we both stop screaming

When you cry in the rain you don't see the tears
When you're falling in love you forget they're there

Pager is buzzing we're moving too slow
They'll open the gates when they hear us singing
Writing 'I love you' on a foggy car window
making it hurt so we know we're not dreaming

Still you cry in the rain and don't see the tears
Now you're falling in love and forgot they're there.


Borrowed Pens (2007)

Set List

(from "Borrowed Pens")
Seven In a Seven-Ten
Penelope (Odd (in C))
Should've Wrote A Song

(from Other Recordings or Not Yet Released)
Silver and Shining
The Process
Make You Happy
London Song
Too Late

Melt With You - Mondern English
Shake it Off - Wilco
Kamera - Wilco
Jesus, etc. - Wilco

Our typical set is 45-75 minutes long and almost always consists entirely of original music.