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Austin Texas based lyricist, Bryan Mitchell aka Doszastro aka D.O.S. (Deadin’ On Sight) (Dare Observe the Skills) has been consistently crafting and perfecting his brand of traditional raw edged hip hop since the age of seventeen. Although primarily growing up in Texas, D.O.S. spent a majority of his childhood and adolescent years back and forth between Texas and both sides of his families native Detroit, Michigan. In 2001 D.O.S. released his first studio recording and EP titled Get Low, on local based independent label Circular Records. In 2002, the very young and ambitious MC relocated to Portland, Oregon to work exclusively with a group of polished producers from the NW. The result was a critically acclaimed full-length album titled Monsta’s Ball that received a slew of press write ups praising it’s solidity, and was released in Spring 2004. A strong friendship and musical bond was formed between D.O.S. and Seattle producer Pale Soul who assisted the talented MC with a wide range of production that complimented his flow and helped him to come into his own as an artist. In 2005, D.O.S. returned to Austin from the west coast with extraordinary momentum as there were ongoing and recurring meetings with major labels at the time. He was no longer the same inexperienced kid with dope rhymes that most remembered prior to his musical journey out west. At this point he had become comfortable on the mic whether in the studio or blazing shows as he now had hundreds under his belt. Later that year, D.O.S. teamed up with a good friend from the NW who joined forces with him in Austin, and another former schoolmate to form the group MillTiket. in 2006, D.O.S. released with his own money and resources and on his newly formed Dosaztro Music imprint, MillTiket//The Number 1 Spot Mixtape Vol 1. Another critically acclaimed release, Number 1 Spot also received great reviews and became a favorite amongst locals with it’s combination of original studio tracks and bars spit over mainstream instrumentals. In 2009, DOS (pronounced dose) as many refer to him, boldly released an experimental full-length double disc album featuring collaborations with Texas legend Devin The Dude and Austin's “godfather of hip hop” Bavu Blakes and many others. That same year, D.O.S. became a proud father of a baby boy with a baby girl soon following. During this time, the now seasoned MC took a hiatus from recording studio albums and instead focused on balancing family and the hectic schedule of a full time artist. DOS kept his name alive during this time period by supporting fellow up and coming artists movements and continuing to do live performances. In late 2012, D.O.S. joined forces with Austin, Tx hip hop collective The SubKulture Patriots ( a group which he is currently an active member), and San Antonio producer Ruler Why. He is slated to drop his latest and in some ways, “don’t call it a come back!…” album produced entirely by Ruler Why titled Obey The Raw on May 6 2014. Obey The Raw is a return to traditional Hip Hop in an age of “turn up” and “swag”, an ode to the golden era if you will… another bold offering from one of rap's finest underdog MC’s... The album will release worldwide via iTunes and www.doszastro.com.


D.O.S. "Get Low" EP released: Oct. 2002

D.O.S. "Monsta's Ball" LP released: March 2004

D.O.S. Presents: MillTiket "The Number 1 Spot" mixtape vol 1
released: March 2006

D.O.S. "Tha OverDOSe" LP released: February 2008

D.O.S. ft Devin The Dude "Southern Slump" type: single released: July 2009

Neckbone ft D.O.S. "Gangsta Flowz" type: single released: Jan 2010

D.OS. "Obey The Raw" LP released: May 6, 2014