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"Dos Cabezas goes for the REALLY dirty Blues sound!"

The blues band Dos Cabezas has just released their first signle "Big Boss Man", on Zotz Records, through CD Baby and other digital outlets. They make no apologies for the dirty, distorted sound of the recording, in fact , they are defiant about it!


dos cabazas
PRLog (Press Release) - Oct 15, 2012 -
Hollywood, Ca

In their first official interview regarding the new release of their single “Big Boss Man”, Dos Cabezas seems almost defiant in their approach to the sound of the recording.
“We purposely wanted noise, buzzing, cracking, popping, to help to create the ambient sound that complimented the dirty, down low blues that our music is, and represents. We could have gone for a clean, contemporary polished sound, but we think that would have been….well….crap! The blues we want to put over to people is full of the most basic human emotion and our decision to make the recording sound like an old, cracked 78RPM record is in keeping with our hearts and souls.”
So says vocalist and guitarist Joey Hidalgo, who along with his brother and drummer Freddy, make up the duo.
However, Los Angeles digital music critic Laney Butts, writing in her blog this week, stated that she just “doesn’t get it”. “Why would anyone release a single with sonic flaws?” asks Butt in her October 12th edition.
But perhaps this is just what Dos Cabezas is after. According to Joey Hidalgo, “we want to separate the musical snobs from the real blues lovers. Real blues lovers are after a feeling, a soul, and if the music is delivered as smooth as a baby’s behind, something is gonna be missing”
Indeed, only time will tell how the market reacts to Dos Cabezas. One thing for sure, they are NOT like anybody else out there!
You can learn more about Dos Cabezas by clicking on this link:

You can buy the single at CD Baby here:
Goldstein, Hollywood bureau
- Zotz Records-PR LOG


Still working on that hot first release.



DOS CABEZAS releases first single on CD-Baby through Zotz Records
Southwestern Blues artists release debut single. Label calls them "innovators" and "rebels". Steeped in tradition, ready to blow away the world!

PRLog (Press Release) - Oct 10, 2012 -
DOS CABEZAS™ play the real Blues

Hollywood, California-

Zotz Records has announced today the release of the debut single by Blues artists DOS CABEZAS™. The single is available on CD-Baby and initial reviews are
singing its praises. The act, made up of brothers Joey and Freddy Hidalgo, play a style of blues "like no one else", states Zotz Records spokesman Tommy Jeffords. Jeffords continues," I have spent my life traveling the USA and listening to Blues artists from everywhere. Nobody has the approach these two guys have. We are very excited to have them on our label. Essentially, they represent one of the very few acts that truly play roots blues, but with an attack, a rage, so strong that their music immediately transcends genres and is
strikingly relevant in today's Pop world."

Born in a small mountain town between the United States and Mexico, the brothers began playing blues very early in life. In their late teens they moved to Phoenix, where they continued to hone their style. A trip to Los Angles was rewarded by interest from several parties. However, as Joey Hidalgo puts it, "We were flattered to have interest from several directions, but we felt most comfortable with Zotz". Although a
small label, the brothers felt that they would be able to "be themselves" more and have more artistic freedom on a smaller label than they might a major label.

Younger brother Freddy Hidalgo likes to talk about the act's music in terms of its relevance to the world today. To quote Freddy, “We love the blues. We play the blues. We feel the blues. We live the blues. But we also know there is a big world out there that is going through lots of struggles, and if they can get into our blues, they can find out that it makes them feel a whole lot better!"

Indeed, musicologists have always acknowledged that listening to the blues, particularly when you are feeling low, can actually help lift your spirits. Adds Joey Hidalgo, “It’s kind of like you realize you aren’t in this
alone, you know, like, there are other people who are going though it too. So, it makes you feel like there is always hope". That's the essence of the blues"

The debut single is the boy's tribute to the great Jimmy Reed, by performing Big Boss Man. The A-Side features vocals by Joey Hidalgo, while the B-Side is a remixed instrumental version. Freddy says the reason for the
instrumental is simple."We liked it and it had a groove. It's a great cruisin' shuffle. Put it on in your car and start drivin', and you'll groove out!"

Plans are being made now for select live shows. The brothers and their label have definite plans for them, and it does not involve "playing by the rules".

Again, Jeffords from Zotz Records- Look, we know the crap that gets played on the radio, and we don’t care. We are aiming this music right at real people, people that love blues, or younger people that have never really experienced what blues can do for your soul. From their sound, their analog recording techniques, their high energy rage to their looks we aren't going to
just work hard to make these guys mainstream. We want the mountain to come to the act, not the other way around."

The single is on Zotz Records by DOS CABEZAS™ and can be purchased on CD-Baby as well as the Zotz Records web site.

Goldstein-Hollywood Bureau