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Unique,Originality, Hip hop with a mixture of Middle Eastern instruments. exotic belly dancing performances. PROMOTERS DO YOUR JOB! BOOK ME! I GOT BACK UP BELLY DANCERS TOO, BOOK ME!


Doshka Rabati, is becoming an important creative force in the Hip-Hop music today.A native from Kurdistan Iraq,who initially honed his craft,performing at various night clubs and corporate events,as a Hip-Hop,rapper artist in the Middle East and Sweden,Germany.His latest album "Baya Baya" will be released in September of 2008. Rabati,mastered his craft in the Medicen Circus studio where the music and production is unmatched in quality,on his latest CD. "Baya Baya", will be released in September,2008.The new sound is sure to change the way Hip Hop is perceived. Rabati has a clear vision for the future,he knows who he is and where he's going and a solid plan to get there.1st, his focus is not to be a one hit or one Cd wonder.2nd, a clear concept of positive messages is his core base. 3rd, to give himself to inspire talented youth from the Kurdistan/Middle East to go for their dreams despite the negatives from others. You won't be disappointed because in this particular album the exotic and violence side of Middle East is revealed. The belly dancing The dictatorship of Saddam


Track 2,6,14. Recently aired on XM Satelite radio,currently airing on local radio stations.

1.My Life
2.Baya Baya Feat. Daddy Yankee,
3.War & Peace
4.Lions of Freedom,
5.Fired over a Bagel
6.Huka Bong
8.Hope n Pray
9.Soul Mate
10.Do it Do it
11.Sahara Nights
12.Risha R.I.P.
13.Ride with me feat. Dj Boes
14.Belly Dancer
15.Only Time

Set List

Amazing energetic performance by Doshka and the Belly Dancers very exotic and entertaining, you have not witnessed glory until you watch Doshka and the Belly Dancers perform live.

1.My Life,
2.Baya Baya Feat. Daddy Yankee,
3.Huka Bong,
4.Belly Dancer.