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Chicago, IL | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | SELF

Chicago, IL | SELF
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Hip Hop Alternative




"Doso - You're Not That Fly"

Doso’s latest is setting the groundwork for the Chicago M.C.’s 2020.

by David McDevitt
Nov 30 2019

Boasting a chorus and bass line that harkens back to when Thundercat and Anderson .Paak took 2015 by storm, Chicago M.C. Doso’s latest single “You’re Not That Fly” is a bold and brassy size-up of foes and nuisances alike. Spinning around one of the catchiest mantras of the month, his half-sung challenge glides across a solid groove of squelched sub-bass and clean 808s, mixed in with a chorus of voices. Doso brings huge amounts of confidence and bravado on this track - driving the nail home that “You don’t wanna go there with me - because you’re not that fly”. He sounds primed and ready to take 2020 by storm. - David McDevitt (Double Negative)

"Chicago Reader"

Chicagoan Manasseh Champion first picked up the trumpet at age seven. Now 22, he’s teaching young people how to play brass instruments at the West Point School of Music in South Shore. Over the past few years, Champion has focused his extracurricular energy on hip-hop, releasing a slew of stylistically varied singles under the name Doso. Last year’s [Extended] (A Rugged Interest) veers between trap-inflected tracks that highlight Champion’s agility at rattling off aggressive bars and melodic pop tunes that show off his sultry singing. He balances those skills on “Again, Again,” where a polished-up version of the instrumental for Tupac’s “Ambitionz az a Ridah” provides the backdrop for Champion sweetly singing the song’s hook and punching in anxious raps. Over his short career, Champion has shown continual growth as a vocalist: his latest single, May’s “Know That Now,” has a relaxed vibe that might lull you to sleep if it weren’t enlivened by his subtly sensual singing, which makes the song sound like it belongs on the radio. - Leor Galil

"Doso - Know That Now"

It’s been a little minute since the last time we received some new music from rising Chicago emcee Doso, but just a few minutes ago he put out a brand new track titled “Know That Now”. I have been supporting Doso’s music for awhile now and I have always known him to be a up-tempo and high energy type of emcee, but he really slowed it down here and damn near made an alternative sounding type of track, it feels like rap meets Blink 182 or something. Whatever it is I dig it and I think you will too, check out this brand new release below.

produced by fike – cover art by owen ziliak - Elliot Montanez (Lyrical Lemonade)

"Dos Music Video"

Doso just might be Chicago’s best kept secret, it doesn’t take more than a couple listens to come to the conclusion that this kid has the potential to become a star. A record this good needed a special video director behind the camera to bring it to life, lucky for us Doso knew that Paul Araki Elliott (DualMind Visuals) was the perfect man for the job. Doso brings a ton of energy to his music and it’s extremely contagious for the listeners, it’s literally the definition of feel good music. Don’t sleep on this kid, check out his latest visual below!

Producer: Luxury (BeatsByLuxury) - Elliot Montanez (Lyrical Lemonade)

"Doso - My Song"

Doso is definitely one of my favorite artists to write about simply because every song he releases seems so be better than the previous. Doso never stops improving, and if you don’t believe me, then listen to his new single, ‘My Song’.

Doso knows how to speed it up and slow it down. With ‘My Song’ we are directed to Doso’s singing persona as he executes incredible harmony over the funky/pop Nanzoo produced instrumental. Doso claims to open up to “Calvin Harris, pop sounding production “, molding his style to be more uplifting than ever. This new song will get you up and dancing like it did to me. I can’t see much room for improvement from the young Chicago artist, but there’s no doubt in my mind he’ll impress me again.

Stream ‘My Song’ by Doso below! - Joe McGrath (Next Wave)


[Extended] (album) - 2018
Wussup (single) - 2019
Issues (single) - 2019
Know That Now (single) - 2019
You're Not That Fly (single) - 2019
Opus Two (album) - 2021



As a hip hop artist, Manasseh Champion performs under the sobriquet “Doso”. As far as recording goes, he is a solo act but loves to perform with his band when it comes to the stage. His performances are energetic and strong with cutting, contemplative lyrics. Him and his band, Doso LIVE, are devoted to making and performing urban music.

Doso takes his love of dance and love of rhythm and combines it to showcase his talent into an unforgettable presentation. Most audiences describe him as a 'real entertainer' with a delivery ranging from spirited and animated to intimate and engaging.  

Doso writes, records, and performs his own music.  He says that the secret to his entertaining style is that he loves the studio and the stage equally and demands from himself excellence on both fronts.

He expects to be a long term artist because "creativity has no end".

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