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Dot-1 is the breath of fresh air that the rap game needs. His creativity is only matched by his originality, yet he still finds a way to keep that mainstream feel to his music!! His music is a reason for every Hip Hop fan to be excited about the future of rap music!


At a time when people are campaigning for the death of hip hop, Dot-1 presents a fresh face capable of energizing an entire musical genre. Soulful to the mind, yet trill to the core, the twenty-four year old Jacksonville native is poised to lead the new generation of hip hop with his brand of southern-inspired hardcore rhymes. Born and raised in Duval County, a young Renaldo Horn could often be found freestyling raps with his basketball teammates. At first it was just for fun, but soon others began to realize Mr. Horn had an impressive talent to back an imposing personality. Egged on by his admirers, Dot-1 made his first attempt at a rap career joining with two high school classmates to form the now defunct group Triphecta. After high school, Dot-1 began honing his skills as a successful battle rapper in Jacksonville’s underground hip hop scene. At the same time, Dot-1 was quickly becoming the favorite verse on every mixtape in Duval County. As a member of Pointblank Entertainment, Dot-1 spent the next few years promoting and opening up nightclubs around Jacksonville. Inspired by watching club performances, Dot teamed up with emerging producer Wall$treet to form Tandem Records and spent the next few months locked in the studio pumping out real music. The result was a string of exceptional mix-tape appearances and his first album, Southern Comfort featuring the underground hits, “Get Loose,” “Dot's Comin” and the player’s anthem “Two-Step to This.” Dot-1 followed this up with one of the biggest independent club hits in the North Florida-South Georgia area, “Windows to the wall.” Dot-1 has performed his hits throughout the south, opening up for artists such as T-Pain and Gucci Mane. Currently his single “Ride” is blowing up in clubs all over Florida and the song was recently featured on Dot-1 is a unique addition to the thriving hip hop industry. He is a member of the Hustler’s Union, a movement powered by the collective talents of Duval County. The Hustler’s Union was designed to create a self-sufficient community capable of stimulating a positive movement in urban America. Dot’s music provides the perfect backdrop for such a movement. Spreading an entertaining message of knowledge, money, and power over catchy beats, Dot-1 easily captures the attention of the younger demographic he aims to inspire. Duval raised and Florida praised, Dot-1 is loved by the South and feared by America. The self-proclaimed fulltime hustler, overtime grinder is well on his way to penetrating mainstream airwaves and resurrecting the dying breed of music known as rap. It’s only fitting that hip hop’s highly publicized death sentence will end with a Dot.



Written By: Dot-1

Everybody textin, callin
When Im in the mall just ballin
N*ggas wanna know how i know who callin its my Ringtone my Rigntone.


Thats What It Is (EP 2007)
Southern Komfort (Album 2004)
The Takeover Mixtape (Mixtape 2003)

Set List

I typically do about 5 songs.
1. Thats What It Is
2. Ride
3. Ringtone
4. Hood Rock
5. Look at my fit
I usually have two hype men with me.