classic rock meets folky pop


Do-The-Undo is the brainchild of one Mr. Anne Soldaat. Perhaps you�ve heard of Mr. Soldaat through his previous musical outlet, Daryll-Ann. For well over a decade, Anne (along with bandmate Jelle Paulusma), crafted some of the most beautiful and inspiring pop music of the last twenty years. Never dependent on trends, the band took their musical cues from the golden era of rock & roll music, and subtly morphed them into a sound uniquely their own. The band�s debut album for Excelsior Recordings (and second overall) �Weeps�, is considered by many who have heard it to be a true modern classic. Now, under the moniker of Do-The-Undo, Anne continues that grand tradition.


Do-The-Undo (Excelsior Recordings, 2007)

Set List

Covers we do: Time has Come Today - the Chamber Brothers / Sea of Madness - CSN&Y / Well allright - Buddy Holly