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An emcee who does not compromise the integrity of his art or testimony. Poised with a vision to bring Hip Hop back to it's foundation, this MC brings truth in a style that is reminiscent to the 1994 era. GET EM DOUBLE!


Ronnie Rolon, the emcee better known as “Double”, probably should also be called “HUH”; an acronym for his demeanor- Holy, Uncompromising, and Humble. Although blessed with Gods favor at an early age, Double did not realize God’s purpose for him until recently when he was move by the spirit to perform gospel hip-hop. Double refuses to accept a classification as a hip-hop artist, rather he insists “I’m just a Christian who makes music to the excellence of the Lord without compromising the WORD or myself.” That is why Double’s music speaks so fervently to this generation- feeding his audience life and truth.

Growing up in the inner city of Bridgeport Connecticut, Double saw first hand how the streets could either break or strengthen your faith. The latter lead him down the righteous path. Now residing in Atlanta, GA, Double is a member of Victory World Church, where Pastor Dennis Rouse is the overseer. Double is completely focused and dedicated to Christ- through his life and music.

Describing his music as art that manifest the truth, Double allows his oratorical skills to speak on a vast number of social injustices, using his own life as retrospect on many occasions. His music is honest and pure, and with the help of God, he will be an instrument of change-through music. Double’s hot new song “Poison” pretty much sums up what this hip hop gospel emcee is reall about….“ they grab they mic to spit and spit poison, I grab my mic to spit cuz I’m chosen.” Chosen indeed, to bring God’s message to everyone through his music!!

Double's ministry statement derives from his founding scripture: Ephesians 3:20… Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.

His mission is to bring music back to it's basic foundation: God's Word.


Dub Zero - Sophmore Album(2008) features
Canton Jones, Platinum Souls, Mark J, D Class, E-Hud, Tre Peace, Cash Hollistah, & more...

"Diamonds" from Platinum Souls debut album, "Hybrid" 2008

Appearing on albums and mixtapes from E Hud, Tre Peace, St. Claire, Cash Hollistah, Haze, & more in 2008...

Poison (12/14/2004) Holy Hip Hop/EMI Holy Hip Hop Vol. 2

Back To Basics-Debut LP(2004)

Appeared on Generation 42's "Troublemaker" from their forthcoming sophomore album "Walk With Me" (2004)
Appeared on Platinum Souls "Unexpected Mixes" Vol. 4 & 7( 2003 & 2004)
Appeared on Kay Bizzy's "100% Jesus" from The Choice LP(2004)
Full Substance-Mixtape(2003)
His Words Thru My Mic-Mixtape(2002)

Set List

Sets range from 15 minutes to 45 minutes

Dub Zero
My God
Indecent Proposal
Show Em Love
Cant Stop Wont Stop
Ryder Freestyle
Put On freestyle w/ St. Claire
Dope w/ Tre peace & E Hud
Diamonds w/ Platinum Souls