Double 6 Project

Double 6 Project


D6P aims at making their music as interesting, fascinating and pleasant as drinking fresh water in the middle of the desert. They can sometimes deliver an unpredictable blow to the stomach but overall their tunes catapult all of your senses onto the alert mode so you really feel the music with your mind,body, ears and soul.


Already in the early 1990s, Andrea Soru & Luca Ascari were collaborating together on a musical project called "Seguira Coisa": an interesting and original mix of Samba, Latin, Reggae and Rock music. After that, however, Andrea Soru went on to have a deep mystical crisis which strongly influenced the spiritual side of his music; during this period Luca Ascari focused instead on his other passion: designing fashion.


Two albums:"Doublesix" and "Lovely"