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Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF

Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF
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"BEST IN TEXAS BREEDING GROUND: Double A - Destroy and Rebuild"

[Editor's Note: "Drinkin'" was the track that let me know Double A had something more than the normal street MC. After meeting and talking with Double A, his knowledge of the industry, his connections and his skills all made me realize he's Breeding Ground worthy. - Steve Raze]

Ask Double A about the Dallas music game and its clear who he feels is best: “I have a solid vision for [my] music and I feel I simply know how to put songs together better than others.” While much of the mainstream music coming out of the Lone-Star state is classified as party music, Dallas-bred MC Aaron “Double A” Carter, is seeking to add more substance, more respect, “…[essentially] I’m really out to destroy and rebuild.”

This may not be a far-fetched goal for the self-proclaimed “Best rapper in Dallas.” At 23 years old, Double A has collaborated with the best of the best, released and been featured on numerous mix tapes, appeared on’s “Heater of The Day” all the while maintaining a solid allegiance to the streets that helped him create the solid underground fan base that has made him an artist to watch.


Double A Ft. Drake "Slow It Down"

Double A Ft. Inertia “The Untouchables” [Heater of the Day]

Double A Ft. Lil Pooh “Drinkin” [Heater of the Day] You moved around a lot as a child. When did Dallas become home for you?

Double A: I was back and fourth from Houston to Kansas City, Missouri but I would say that Dallas became my home back in 1994. What do you feel sets you apart the most from other artists in your position?

Double A: I think it’s the fact that I actually know what I’m doing with the art form. I know how to paint a vivid picture in my songs and I listen to all kinds of music so I’m not just stuck in one box or lane. I have a solid vision for music and I feel [that] I simply know how to put songs together better than others. The karaoke machine played a huge roll in your start in the game. Did you aspire to rap before your 15th birthday or was this a talent you stumbled upon?

Double A: I’ve always had a passion for the art form. It was kind of like therapy for me and, it was a way for me to be creative in a positive way. did you decide to make music your career?

Double A: When I was 15 I really made up my mind that I could go at this game full throttle. Myself, Das Mobster and Lil Pooh started a label called NST (Nauf Side Team) and we just started feeding the streets with mixtape after mixtape. We started as one group but, as the years passed, we started to focus on separate obligations and I was left alone by myself to carry the brand name. I continued and my cousin, J Staccs, [along with] Young Fava of Real Money, Ent. gave me a shot to actually carry my brand as a whole. The rest is history. Who were some are some of your primary musical influences growing up?

Double A: I would say 2pac, Jay-Z, Biggie, UGK, Marvin Gaye, and B.B. King. The way that they all put music together and let the beat dictate what direction they should go on a song is epic. They also know how to follow the emotion of the song [while] taking control of the overall concept of the beat. You have collaborated with quite a few big names, most notably, Drake on “Asthma Team” and “Slow Down.” How did that connection start?

Double A: My producers came at me wit that collaboration. Those were mixtape records. One day myself and the homie [Drake] will get in the lab together. The connections are in place; we just have to get it done. It is coming soon, I can promise you that! Many artists have gravitated towards social media. How has Twitter, Myspace and YouTube helped you as an artist?

Double A: It has actually put the face with the music so the general public can better identify with me as an artist. Everywhere I go I have the cameras with me so that the fans and supporters can experience the moment with me. I think the Internet and behind the scenes footage gives the people more of a connection with me and [allows them to see] what I do when I’m in their city. You seem to be a supporter of a few Dallas artists. How do you think Dallas music has impacted the Hip-Hop scene as of late?

Double A: I’m really not a strong supporter of the artists that we have in Dallas. There are only a few that I respect, really will support and listen to their music. [Artists like] Ray Paul, Inertia, Ace Mitch, B Hardy, Chase Pat, Fat B, Young Nino, Mr. Pookie, Mr. Lucci, Douski G, and Big Chief. Everybody else is just in the way of progress. I don’t really see classic material out of a lot of the artists because they have already shot themselves in the foot because of the way they have entered the game. So, I don’t support the current Dallas movement that is occurring right now. I support the new movement of rappers in the city that can actually have longevity. I just feel it is time for something completely new and I feel I can lead that movement. I have full support of the streets because that is how most of the rappers and DJ’s in my city know me. Every city I go to it seems like [Dallas is] the laughing stock of the music industry. At the same time, everybody comes here to throw parties and make money. I’m really out to destroy and rebuild, start a whole new wave of MC’s, and give people a fair chance without being forced to make dance or club records to get some kind of recognition. That is why I call myself "The Best Rapper From Dallas" so I can raise the bar and get people to raise the stakes. You’ve had quite a few songs make “Heater of the Day” on Tell us how “The Untouchables” came about.

Double A: First off, shout out to Baby Boi, Inertia and the whole G4 family for all their support and loyalty. I received a beat from my producer, Legacy Beats, and he told me a couple of days prior that he had an epic beat that he just finished. I heard the record and the beat and I went in. I felt Inertia, who is a Play-N-Skillz Artist, would compliment the beat and plus, [the collaboration] has been long overdue. So, I sent him the record and he went in on it and history was made. At the end of the day, that record was so powerful that it went from being just a song and turned into The Untouchable Mixtape. Inertia and I are simply out to destroy and rebuild. You’ve released and have been featured on several mix tapes. Do you have one tape in particular that speaks to who you are as an artist?

Double A: I would say the At the Crib 27 mixtape with DJ Slikk. DJ Slikk was one of the first DJ’s to not politic, just accept my craft for what it was and give me one of my first full length mixtape features. During this time DJ’s in my city didn’t want to do tapes with me because they didn’t think it would have an impact due to the style of music my city was used to at the time. DJ Slikk took a chance on me and we made history together. That tape really gave me a chance to show that I can give a full body of work that you can enjoy and something that will keep your interest for sixty-plus minutes.

"I’m most proud of just being able to have people’s attention and ears on a worldwide level instead of just a regional radius. The connections that I’ve made in this game have been a life changing experience." To date, what are you most proud of musically?

Double A: I’m most proud of just being able to have people’s attention and ears on a worldwide level instead of just a regional radius. The connections that I’ve made in this game have been a life changing experience. I’m just proud to be able to put out consistent material that the streets and my peers can enjoy. With the entire buzz you’ve created independently, have you thought about remaining an independent artist or are you eager to sign with a major label?

Double A: A major label is the main focus because at the end of the day, if you want to be a big artist you need that big push. You can only do so much independently and there is only so far you can go. I want to be the best to ever do it or at least be mentioned in that select few. I have five major label offers but I just want to have more leverage the next time I go into one of those meetings and have the whole building behind me. My priority is to have my buzz so big that the major labels have no choice but to make my projects a main priority. What projects do you have coming up that we should look out for?

Double A: My Destroy N Rebuild Mix tape with Slip N Slide DJ Shaiimillz, the Something Epic Mix tape with DJ Holiday, my street album The Moment and the sequel, Still In The Moment. I also have the Rags to Riches Tour coming up with Slip N Slide DJ Sinafold and their new artist, Mike Bless. When all is said and done, I plan on re-writing history with music. As long as the streets allow and I have a demand to create epic material then I will be here. My label, NST, which includes: Lil Pooh, H-Dot, KWill, 1word, and Pablo C, and I will do our part to keep Hip-Hop healthy and alive. - All Hip Hop.Com Edited by Steve Raze


Mixtape History:

Jan. 2009 - "Inauguration of Double A w/ DJ Shaiimillz:"

Oct. 2009 - "At The Crib 27: Making of an Icon w/ DJ Slikk:"

Mar. 2010 -"Line 'Em Up w/ DJ Papa Ron:"



Aaron Dejuan Carter a.k.a. “Double A” was born on October 23, 1986 in Houston, TX. As a youth, Aaron experienced a somewhat nomadic lifestyle constantly moving between Houston, Dallas, and Kansas City Dallas, and Kansas City. Growing up like many inner city kids, without a father figure at home, a young Aaron allowed the streets to guide him through his youth. With that, father-son relationship to the streets it was only a matter of time before the street-life seemed to be the option of finding financial stability. On October 23, 2001, he received a Karaoke Machine for his 15th birthday, that is when he began honing his skills, and recording his mixtapes on cassette tapes and have Das Mobster convert them to C.D.

Although these mixtapes had bad sound quality, his lyrics and hustle created a buzz for Double A. With his growing ‘hood buzz, he got together with childhood friend Lil Pooh, and Das Mobster to start Nauf Side Team (commonly referred to as N.S.T.). They started pushing independent mixtapes through various Dallas county high schools and became instant block stars.

Double A’s rap career changed for the better his junior year in high school, when he met Jerome a.k.a. “J Staccs” at the Super Bowl in Houston. Double A states “I remember I met up with him and spit like 50 bars to him and he said I was wack and put in Jay-Z’s album The Blueprint, and that opened my eyes and I realized I had to step my game up.” J Staccs set up a studio session with Double A, he was so impressed with Dub’s work ethic and lyrical ability, he and co-owner Young Fava signed him to Real Money Entertainment. Tragedy hit a couple years later when J Staccs was gunned down, Double A felt it was left to him to carry on J Staccs vision, saying “When I heard he was dead it hurt a lot and it was only through music I made him apart of me and it really helped me through that situation.”

They dropped “Big Game: The Album” in 2006 and sold over 3,000 copies independently. Since 2006, Double A has released several mixtapes that have sold a collective of 5,000 copies independently. With a solid street fan base and over six major labels showing interest, his block status has expanded to national status.

Artists he has worked with include Roccett (U.S.D.A./C.T.E./Def Jam), Willy Northpole (D.T.P./Def Jam), Cory Gunz, Mikkey Halsted, and Tony Yayo (G-Unit/Interscope), Ray Paul (Y.G.)

As a growing business man, Double A has drafted an elite management team consisting of Nicholas C. Davis (President of Relativity Entertainment) and Marcus “Juice” Owens (Promotions Manager of Geeked Up Promotions). The new "Team Double A," has made the necessary strides to make sure that the highly anticipated album "The Moment," takes the world by storm. As an All Hip Hop.Com Breeding Ground artist, Double A has not only made his presence felt on the national stage, but also through his constant show of work ethic and endurance in his many mixtapes and features. Double A vows to make "The Moment" the soundtrack to his fans lives.

Through all the trials and tribulations Double A has overcome, and he has studied the hip-hop game and is ready to show the world his talent, as well as, being remembered as the best to ever do it. Double A has truly put himself in a position to make 2011 a ground breaking year.


Appeared in Bun B with Play n Skillz video Riding Slow (cameo)
Has opened up for Slim Thug
Shared the same stage with Young Jeezy and Rick Ross
Toured with Young Buck
Has done radio interviews for 979. The beat and 90.1 and several collage radio station across the US Breeding Ground artist
Named the next best prospect out of Texas by
Several videos with new money films
Has been special guest at several core dj and S.E.A conferences and retreats
Has worked Rick Edwards for Baby Phat and Makaveli Clothing