Double Back Flip

Double Back Flip

 Wilburton, Oklahoma, USA

We are a four piece original rock band out of Wilburton,Ok. We are constantly writing new matierial. We are very serious about our music. We are diverse in what we write. We range from soft ballads to heavy power rock. It's Jumpin,it's pumpin a groove unlike anything out there! People are lovin it!!


Man, I am the bassist that grew up playing Rush & Kiss. I'm heavily influenced by Geddy Lee music & Gene Simmon's stage presence. Our drummer was influenced by Lars of Metalica. Our Guitarist, Dimebag of Pantera. Our singer, definitly would be Cris Cornell of Soundgarden. We've all been at this for a long time & worked extremely hard to get this projact off the ground!


We submitted a demo last year, did not get accepted. We hope these new songs will change your mind! We've since won a talent contest at Area 51 in Eufala,Ok. Played several times at SHOVELHEADS in McAlester, Ok. We just had one of our new songs played on ROCK 105.1 FM in McAlester,Ok. We currently have 24 ORIGINAL songs we're doing. We're in the studio now putting a 10 song CD together. We have a MY SPACE page & are on We've built a good size fan base for this area. Come on guys! PLEASE give us serious consideration this year, if we are accepted, we will put on a tight,high energy show!!! We have everything to do shows including lighting.

Set List

We have an 18 song set list.
We play our stuff & we're done!!!