Double B

Double B

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Double B is a hip hop artist with the ability to appeal to audiences ranging from hip-hop fans to hard-rockers. His stage presence, wit, and natural performance ability make him one of the premier performers in underground hip-hop.


Double B, born Bobby Williams, grew up in the culture starved city of South Bend, Indiana. Having no hip-hop scene to turn to Double B preformed his hip-hop music for rock audiences.
In the past 6 years Double B has mastered his craft, through performances though out the Midwest. He is now releasing his first full length project in tilted “Where is Your Acoustic Guitar.” The album’s title reflects stereotypes that Double B has had to face being a hip-hop artist from the Indiana. “People would always assume that I was an emo artist before hearing me play,” said Double B, “a big part of what this album is, is breaking these stereotypes that people hold each other to, and embracing who we are.”


2006 "Where is Your Acoustic Guitar"
2005- "Choir Boy EP"
2004- "The Up the Down Staircase EP"