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(Savannah, GA) - December 28, 2007 – While everyone is scurrying to get their Christmas shopping finished by Christmas Eve, the riveting, real-life storytellers of Double Crossa Records made certain that those less fortunate were also able to share in the Christmas cheer. Eight families in their hometown of Savannah benefited from the generous hearts of Macadon, Punch and Rosco. According to Macadon, there was never a question if the group was willing to share their blessings by blessing others.

The city of Savannah greets you with warmth and southern hospitality: Spanish Moss sways from the oak trees; headquarters to the Girl Scouts of America; historical parks; beautiful mansions and the list goes on. Yet, its poverty rate in the African American community is higher than any other race.

“Each of us in the group has faced the struggle at some point in our lives,” explains Rosco. Punch and Rosco were raised by their moms, while Macadon was raised by his grand-aunt, until the age of 16, when he moved out on his own. “94.1 The Beat’s website allowed you to choose what you wanted to donate to a family’s dinner table or choose from one, two, four or eight families. We’re from here; we see it everyday…so we went for the max,” Rosco says proudly.

Additionally, households headed by single mothers have increased as well. Punch shakes his head as he reminisces of the days when his mother was raising him by herself. “The money we spend on one pair of tennis shoes so we can look right when we step out, we were able to put food on tables. We’re raising the bar, setting examples for the hip hop community to follow suit and suit up. People out here robbing just to put food on their family’s table. This was one of our chances to ease the worries of EIGHT families…at least for a lil’ while.”

All three members of DCR agree that there’s more to the rap world than just being charismatic lyricists and headbussa (r.i.p) beat makers. “We want C-port to know there’s more to us. We’ve got a different movement going on: we’re investing in human capitalism and becoming philanthropist,” states Macadon.

Q: What’s the next hottest thing out the frying pan? A: Double Crossa Records. Through ambition, versatility and loyalty, Double Crossa Records, an independent label was formed by three fuse-blowing artists, hailing the streets of Savannah, Georgia. Their debut CD, “Ghetto Gospel: Unleash the Real, Vol. I” will be released during the first quarter of 2008. Stay tuned and keep your ear to the ground about Double Crossa Records at

- Princess L. Johnson


Savannah, Georgia) – February 15, 2008 –
911 Operator: 911 how can I help you?
Caller: (frantic) Every street I turn on there’s a fire!
911 Operator: Ma’am calm down. Where are you now?
Caller: It doesn’t matter…it’s ALL the streets. SAVANNAH is on FIRE!

Savannah is home to Bigg Dogg Fee, Bugga, Camoflauge (RIP), Flawless, Headbussa (RIP), Mean Mugg, Roam Bad Daddy, MGG and the list of inventive talent in the city goes on. And now, to heighten the impact of the rap game in “C-port” comes the potential platinum-selling, independent artists of Double Crossa Records: Macadon, Punch and Rosco.

Gearing up for the release of their highly anticipated debut album, these lyrical junkies are ready to unleash their jaw-dropping talent on March 14th at the undeniably hottest album release party to ever hit the city that is “down by the water”.

Prominently self-produced and propelled by the catchy single, “Playboi”, “Ghetto Gospel: Unleash the Real, Vol. I” is Double Crossa Records’ testament to the game emotionally, as well as culturally.

The album’s preaching to the streets inaugural line up and infused stand out tracks include “Gangsta Luv” featuring American Idol Contestant Stephanie Edwards, “Dope Boi Knot” featuring Lil’ Mama, “Iz U Wit It” featuring Shaka and Yung Trillogy and the tear jerking story that vividly tells of life growing up with a struggling, single mother “Struggle and Strive” featuring Gerald Williams.

Macadon explains, “we’ve put a lot into this movement, making sure that these songs reach all walks of life out here in these streetz. “Money Train” has a universal message that serves as a simple tutorial for every thug, hustler and baller.

“From the streetz to da pin to da rap game”, as Punch recites one of his verses, “Ghetto Gospel outlines our lives growing up, lives of loved ones we lost and lives of ones we’ve birthed.”

“At this point, no one in Savannah is surprised”, insists Rosco, “this is what “Flauge” started; he set the bar high and now we raising the temperature with fiery rhymes that will leave you scalded. Savannah is growing and we here to keep’em on the map with this blazing release.”

- Princess L. Johnson


Playboi (Feat. Yung Trillogy)
What A Day
Da Hood checks in
Deez Niggaz Hoez
Gangsta Luv (Feat. American Idol Contestant Stephanie Edwards)
Struggle and Strive (Feat. Gerald Williams)
Let’em Hate
U Know How It Iz
Money Train
Wey Dey Do Dat At?
Bottom of Da Peach
Bigg Money (Featuring Yung Trillogy)
Str8 Drop Dawg
Dope Boi Knot (Featuring Yung Trillogy and Lil’ Mama)
Iz U Wit It (Featuring Yung Trillogy and Shaka)
Y’all Betta Pray (Featuring Bigg Dogg Fee)



Lauded as one of the hottest, emerging underground groups in the southern hip-hop industry, Double Crossa Records brings an infusion of creativity, determination and hunger, as they tell their real-life stories on their debut album, Ghetto Gospel: Unleash the Real, Vol. 1.

As “Playboi” began hitting the airwaves in November 2007, it hurled these potential platinum artists from Savannah, GA to hot topics in the local night clubs. Refusing to be relegated to anyone’s box, Double Crossa Records broke onto the scene, carving out an unmatched niche. This position allowed them to maximize their control of everything that is generally beyond reach for artists signed to major labels. This move successfully immersed them into a brand new world of independency.

All raised by single mothers, who taught them the importance of being a diversified individual. Amidst some of the pains and storms while growing up, each admit to seeking refuge through their writings, which is heavily showcased in their jaw-dropping lyrics of “Struggle and Strive”. With a fan base steadily rising, many of them were drawn mainly in part of the verses being relatable to their own life’s circumstances and experiences.

Since exploding into hip hop the scene, Double Crossa Records has been known for their intensified adrenaline while performing on stages, blowing fuses out in any building. This energy has gotten them featured on other artists’ music and some of the hottest DJ’s mix-tape series in the southeast.

The name Double Crossa Records is quickly gaining street credibility. Grinding harder and harder each day shows just why they’ve got the streetz on fire! Come on, you’ve got to admit it: Double Crossa Records is like heroine and sex…dope as f@*%!