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Double Crossa Records

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Double Crossa Records is one of the hottest, emerging underground groups in the southeast hip-hop industry, infused with creativity, determination and hunger.


Lauded as one of the hottest, emerging underground groups in the southern hip-hop industry, Double Crossa Records brings an infusion of creativity, determination and hunger, as they tell their real-life stories on their debut album, Ghetto Gospel: Unleash the Real, Vol. 1.

As “Playboi” began hitting the airwaves in November 2007, it hurled these potential platinum artists from Savannah, GA to hot topics in the local night clubs. Refusing to be relegated to anyone’s box, Double Crossa Records broke onto the scene, carving out an unmatched niche. This position allowed them to maximize their control of everything that is generally beyond reach for artists signed to major labels. This move successfully immersed them into a brand new world of independency.

All raised by single mothers, who taught them the importance of being a diversified individual. Amidst some of the pains and storms while growing up, each admit to seeking refuge through their writings, which is heavily showcased in their jaw-dropping lyrics of “Struggle and Strive”. With a fan base steadily rising, many of them were drawn mainly in part of the verses being relatable to their own life’s circumstances and experiences.

Since exploding into hip hop the scene, Double Crossa Records has been known for their intensified adrenaline while performing on stages, blowing fuses out in any building. This energy has gotten them featured on other artists’ music and some of the hottest DJ’s mix-tape series in the southeast.

The name Double Crossa Records is quickly gaining street credibility. Grinding harder and harder each day shows just why they’ve got the streetz on fire! Come on, you’ve got to admit it: Double Crossa Records is like heroine and sex…dope as f@*%!


Playboi (Feat. Yung Trillogy)
What A Day
Da Hood checks in
Deez Niggaz Hoez
Gangsta Luv (Feat. American Idol Contestant Stephanie Edwards)
Struggle and Strive (Feat. Gerald Williams)
Let’em Hate
U Know How It Iz
Money Train
Wey Dey Do Dat At?
Bottom of Da Peach
Bigg Money (Featuring Yung Trillogy)
Str8 Drop Dawg
Dope Boi Knot (Featuring Yung Trillogy and Lil’ Mama)
Iz U Wit It (Featuring Yung Trillogy and Shaka)
Y’all Betta Pray (Featuring Bigg Dogg Fee)

Set List

Playboi feat. Yung Trillogy
Bottom of Da Peach
Iz U Wit It feat. Shaka and Yung Trillogy
Wey Dey Do Dat At