Double D and the Double Daredevils

Double D and the Double Daredevils


The "Double Daredevils" is a collection of "western" Canadian professional musicians who combined, have over 82 years of experience. All members have performed with international artists; ie: Jody Williams, Dutch Mason, Pinetop Perkins & more...


Double D and the Double Daredevils created a considerable buzz with blues fans on their second western Canadian tour in early 2003. They are looking forward to another Canadian tour to promote their brand new CD "Bellyrubbin' Music", recorded during the latter part of their previous tour.

Dave "Double D" Dykhuizen - an electrifying blues guitarist and a powerful soulful vocalist. A performing musician since the late eighties, he started out with Canadian rock heroes The Smugglers. In the early nineties Dave's fascination with the blues led to the formation of The Kingtones with west-coast harmonica whiz Victor Polyik. A partnership with Powder Blues Band's hit-maker Jack Lavin followed, lasting until 2000. Their group Thumbs Up backed up a myriad of local and international artists and spawned Jack's record label of the same name. In 1999 the Thumbs Up imprint released L.A. harpmaster Mitch Kashmar's (The Pontiax) album "Crazy Mixed Up World". During the time that Roomful of Blues singer Mark Dufresne performed with Thumbs Up, Dave was dubbed "Double D", a moniker that would stick and save everyone the effort of pronouncing his last name.

Double D spent from 2000 to 2002 on the road opening shows and backing up hard touring bluesman Nigel Mack, on four consecutive North American tours. Regular extended visits to Chicago included performances at world famous clubs like Buddy Guy's Legends, Chord on Blues, and Rosa's lounge, as well as appearances at the Chicago Blues Festival in 2001 and 2002. Whether on tour or at home (Vancouver), there were ample opportunities to sit in or gig with local and international recording artists; Jody Williams, Big Joe Houston, Amos Garret (Paul Butterfield), Sonny Rhodes, Mark Hummel (San Francisco harp king), Tony Coleman (BB King), Sugar Blue, Carlos Johnson (Sons of the Blues), Big Dave McLean, Jim Byrnes, Shaun Verrault (Wide Mouth Mason), Willie MacCalder (Powder Blues), Harpdog Brown, Wailin' Al Walker, Tim Hearsey, The Twisters and many more.

Other Career Highlights:
-Gladstone Blues Festival (Kansas City, MO) (2001)
-Maple Ridge Jazz and Blues Festival (B.C.) (1997)
-Mid Winter Blues Festival (Regina) (2002)

Mel Reimer (harp) - a dedicated disciple of the blues who is as well known for his devotion to Winnipeg's music community as he is for his earlier bands; The Boogie Men (1981 to 1988), Dr. Zak and the Terminally Thrilled (1989 to 1994) and Bad Weather (1997 to 2003). Bad Weather toured western Canada in 2001; to great reviews. Their 2001 release of little bit of...Bad Weather has been noted for its excellence.
Bad Weather has crafted a first-rate disc which is a wonderful reflection of the band's live show, and a genuine source of pride for this warm and devoted group of musicians" -John Scoles - Scene Roots & Blues Magazine. Mel's twenty years of firm musical focus and his rich, authentic harmonica tones give the band its depth and power.

He has served as sideman for: Big Dave McLean, Brent Parkin, Kenny"Blues Boss" Wayne, The West Coast Flyers (Willie MacCalder, Robbie King), Dutch Mason and has made numerous guest appearances with the likes of Phil Guy, Louisiana Red, Russell Jackson (BB King), Lou Pride, Shirley King, Lazy Lester, The Twisters, Phillip Walker, Teddy Morgan (Lazy Lester), John Campbelljohn and many more.

Other Career Highlights:
-Great Woods Music Festival (Manitoba) (2001, 2003)
-Midwinter Blues Festival (Regina) (2002)
-Winnipeg Jazz Festival (2000 to 2003)
-Altona Sunflower Festival (Manitoba) (1989, 2001, 2003)
-Morden Corn & Apple Festival (Manitoba) 1988)

Trevor Newman (bass) - began playing professionally at age sixteen (weddings, funerals and bar mitzvahs). He performed for numerous rock bands throughout the seventies and eighties, and has played locally (Vancouver) with Muddy Fraser, Cal Batchelor, Dave Dykhuizen (Double D) and Jack Lavin.
He has toured the U.S. Mid-west, Central and Eastern Canada with Nigel Mack and the Blues Attack.

Other Career Highlights:
- Chicago Blues Festival 2001 & 2002
- Backed-up Blues Legends Jody Williams & Sugar Blue
- 2002 Indy after-party at the Slippery Noodle Inn, Indianapolis

Grant Stoval (drums) - has been in the business for ten years and performed as far north as Yellowknife, NWT and as far south as Mexico. The first band he performed with professionally; Three Times The Blues included Clayton Sample (The Rockin' Highliners). He subsequently became a main ingredient with Roger Stanley and the Kingtones, and then one of the founding members of The Rockin' Highliners.
Grant has toured with many Western Canadian artists such as Brent Parkin, Donald Ray Johnson, Graham Guest, Sue Foley, Harpdog Brown, Rusty Reed and The Swifties. He has also done a great deal of touring with international artists; Jody Williams, Pinetop Perkins, Billy Boy Arnold, Jim Byrnes, Big Jack Johnson and Byther Smith.

Other Career Highlights:
-Calgary Blues Festival


Bellyrubbin' Music - Debut Album 2004
Our CD has been air-played on University and College stations across western Canada

Set List

We typically play three one hour sets, of course we get carried away a lot.

Some of the cover tunes we perform:

Can't put my fingers on it (Junior Parker)
I'm so satisfied (Junior Parker)
Country girl (Junior Parker)
Loves my baby (Junior Parker)
Twenty-four hours of the day (Buddy Guy)
You don't know what love is (Fenton Robinson)
It's all in your mind (Phillip Walker)
I can't lose (Phillip Walker)
I want a little girl (T-Bone Walker)
Gee baby ain't I good to you (T-Bone Walker)
Leading Brand (Earl Hooker)
Stick with my baby (Lonesome Sundown)
Highway is my life (Carey Bell)
Moaning for Molasses (Jody Williams)
Hideout (Jody Williams)
Song for my Father (Horace Silver)
CC baby (Freddie King)
San-Ho-Zay (Freddie King)
Remington ride (Freddie King)
Someday after awhile (Freddie King)
If walls could talk (Lil' Milton)
Ode to Billy Joe (George Smith)
Baby got hair long as my right arm (Eddie Taylor)
Can't stand to see you go (Eddie Taylor)
I believed in a wom