Double Dragon

Double Dragon

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Life's experiences don't fit into genres and neither does our music. Unable to be pigeonholed we transcend the constraints of stereotypes thus we usher our listeners back to unity.


In the middle of a world fractured by duality the Double Dragon fights back to back. The Black Yin - Ill Tony Skils. The White Yang - Epoch Apostle. Here in this middle path lies the Gray of unity - the unescapable unity which governs all things. From the time their paths first crossed at the American Academy of Art in Chicago Il., the question that would forge the sound of the Dragon's unprecedented voice was asked - "Does music divide people or are people divided and the genre of music they listen to reflect that division?" In either case the deeper searching of these two seekers has brought about an ecclectic sound as diverse as the world itself.


We Got Game

Written By: Double Dragon

Straight from the sticks / With cornfields and hicks / Hay and pitchforks / Folks throw horseshoes for kicks / Bag monster bucks / And fuck with dixie chicks / Buckle big buckles / And mud wrassle with pigs / We shoot tin cans / And country line dance / Talk metropolitan / But wave confederate flags / The redder the neck / The better the man / The smaller the mind / The bigger the Klan


From Knox to Jasper / North Judson to Vincennes / We got game / Beaver and big fish

There’s more than corn in the I. N. / There ain’t no deny’n / The state we take pride in / Pickup truck driven/ Crop duster fly’n / White boys live to be black or die try’n / Im low ride’n in Hammond with the esse‘#s / Or maybe Porta Rickans / Player#s got they John Cougar Mellancamp disc in / Skinny dipp‘#n / In the lakes that we fish in / Where chase‘#n chickens / Is a chore not pimp#’n


Slack Jaw got a sampler / Put on some vocals / Get off tha dang roof Ma / Folks#‘ll think were Yokels / Jerry Springer called and said he’s look#‘n for some locals / Comb my mullet / Brush my tooth / I’m gett#‘n hopeful / Overnight star / Pull my car off the blocks / Grab my Skoal / And pump up my reeboks / Stroll into the tractor pull / I’m so shocked / Betty Sue’s here with no shoes and no socks / Her bare feet decorated with the same earth / Big Foot#‘s been drive’n on / So beautiful it hurts / Jump on Germy’s dirt bike and pop a wheelie / She’s gotta be impressed / I#‘m hope#‘n that she feels me / Really though / Me and brother gotta go / Run off to the liquor store before they close


The spot for murder’s / Down the block from sheep herders / City thugs are out numbered by cattle rustlers / Careful brothers / Round here you still colored / And smoke from the mill has got the sky covered / Jacks in the hill / Consider it ill / To get drunk till they spill / Go out and shoot the pill / Three point swish’n/ The midwest position / This is how it is / Round you it could be different


In Indianer / We can#‘t stand yer city slicker manner / Fast paced lifestyles / and High tech campers / Take a gander / But there’s no ice grill#‘n / Cause we family feud / Include’n women and children / Kill#‘n deer, duck , sipp#‘n beer, and shuck#‘n corn / Cowboy’s make#‘n noise cause every rose has its thorn / Bread and born Hoosiers / Substance abusers / We grow fields of Buddha / And pass it on like rumors / Sooner or later / Yall gotta see the charm/ Of these barn burn#‘n barfighters / Down on tha farm


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