double edge

double edge

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God breathed..... the instrumentals that i make are only because God has given me the ability to do so.


Hip hop changed my life and I am trying to keep the flow going with a positive message and a unique blend of music styles.


Spoken word "Dazed"

Written By: Allen Maldonado

He woke up dazed from his dreams// threw off the blankets from his bounded sleep// He made a way to the closet for clothes, opens the doors// and finds a t-shirt and some sweats from his drawers//
he grabs his keys on the way out, looking back at the memory that he left from yesterday// closes the front door and walks into new energy// hoping today brings a better melody//
The atmosphere: Gloomy gray skies not many people on the street, garbage and trash reminds him of his mother// the way she use to beat him and the way she didn't love him// and at that moment he starts running// just following the beat that his heart is drumming// he's not looking for somone to scold, or one to hold// he's looking for a place to call home// a place he can hide in ones arms// without arguing or receiving physical harm// but back to reality, the pavement gets heavier, his feet soon give out. He stops just to ease his chest, respect he does not know neglect is his major// though no college he learned from failure// equipped with a pocket knife// he thought the easiest solution was to end his life// but his stryfe, his struggle it got the best of him, his pride kept him going his pride was his medicine//
puts the blade back in his pocket// when something caught his optics//
his attention was captured as though he was a hostage//
staggering towards the door, walking against the floor// he looks up to a sign saying house of the Lord// He walks in slowly expecting one to greet him// but know one was around and he was left like a heathen// he see's a bench and decides to sit// grabs a bible and opens it// turning to a random page, reading what the scripture wrote// do not fear for the lord God is with you// He closes it and laughs with a silent insult// Looks towards the crucifix// saying you chose death for me to live?// why if im just a stupid kid, who will never amount to anything but only foolishness// at that moment he let everything out// from first speaking softly than he started to shout// you abandoned, you left me, my family's gone my father hated me// and were'nt you supposed to be saving me.. and thats who you are right a savior so come save me// im going crazy// my hearts giving out iit's failing// At that moment you can see the pieces of his heart// broke like glass and shattered into a million parts// he couldn't contain himself from the pain that he felt// felt a burden so heavy that he knealt// He couldn't breathe, he couldn't focus, his heart was broken// he stayed on the floor frozen// trying to grasp for air but he kept choking// and thats when he felt sombody hold him//