Double Experience

Double Experience

 Ottawa, Ontario, CAN
BandRockHard Rock

Double Experience are a nerdy neo-rock band from Ottawa, ON; a musical multiplayer sensation with an undeniable DIY ethic that has provided them with robust international touring credentials since 2011. Their debut album "721835" has garnered critical praise from around the globe.


Double Experience play on the hardest difficulty settings the music industry has to offer. Since 2014, Double Experience have logged hundreds of performances across 16 countries with no additional power-ups provided by external agencies or labels. From the BBC Introducing Stage to Global TV, their global rock takeover is palpable. Their recent album, “Unsaved Progress” (recorded with Al Jacob and Kit Walters) was released on April 8, 2016 and reached #6 on Canada's National Loud Chart backed by critical-acclaim from international rock and metal press.

Double Experience's affinity for all things nerdy have found the band releasing their music on collectible trading cards, performing at video game museums, and encouraging show attendees to join the band in competitive video-games and cosplay. It's no wonder, then, that Ian Nichols (vocals, bass) and Brock Tinsley (guitar) exercise their multiplayer tendencies both in studio and onstage. Some formal collaborations include Fred Mascherino (TAKING BACK SUNDAY, TERRIBLE THINGS) and Steve Bache (HE IS LEGEND).

Recently, their song Destiny rock anthem “The Glimmer Shot” garnered praise and in-game rewards from Bungie, the developers of the game. This match-making between video games and Double Experience music had previously been realized when the band penned theme music for “The Legend of Thunder”, a YouTube personality with over 130 million channel views as of 2017. Double Experience have now begun to share their story via music industry conventions (IndieWeek) as well as ComicCon (Montreal/Ottawa) and GuardianCon to the next wave of bands who will take control of their own destinies.

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"Unsaved Progress" (2016)
So Fine
The Glimmer Shot
See You Soon
Exposure Exposure
Death of Lucidity
Weakened Warriors
721835 (2014)
Strange Acquaintance
Horror Beyond Imagination
Wolf in the Ewe
Congratulations on Second Place 
Here's Y
Destiny Chile
Who The Hell
One Big Quicksand (2011)
P (as in Pneumonia) 
Sweet Smoke
Mojave, Mo Problems
Away With Words
iLa Pistola!

Set List

From 30-60 minutes available