Double Header

Double Header


It much like a nice hot shower on a really hot summer day. YOu get in, and make it scorching hot. THen you wash yourself and quickly make it really cold. It gets crazy for a second, your bodies reaction to the extreme change. Then you turn off the water and you feel refreshed and Alive.


Double Header is a creamy blend of musical indgredients that when mixed properly, bake up a delightfully fluffy, mouth watering, Chocolate Cake. With influences in music ranging from Elvis Costello, Incubus, Glassjaw, At the drive in, and Nirvana, Double HEader set out to establish themselves as musicians, and not as a image. What sets us apart from other bands is our love for different styles of music. Everyone individually has their own tastes and that is incorporated into every song. We are not setting out to sound different from anyone else as that would be impossible. We just want to have an effect musically as did our musical influences did to us. Their Live show is a full throttle energetic experience that the band prides themselves on. We want grab peopls attention at our shows and leave them thinking, "who is this band!" We are DOuble HEader!!!!


Reversible.Switch.and Wrapped in Fizz all can be heard streaming at