Double Intenders

Double Intenders

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Playing original rock and roll, Ben Blankenship and Tony Garcia combined their songs that are inspired by the best of blues, rock and country to form an original band based in Nashville Tennessee.


The Double Intenders are a rock-n-roll band based in Nashville and founded by songwriters Tony Garcia and Ben Blankenship. Rhythm and harmonies are performed by Jim Alderman on drums and Kenny Owens on bass. The Double Intenders began playing in Nashville songwriter clubs. They have spent the last 2 years developing their sound by becoming a growing presence on the Tennessee circuit of bars, clubs and festivals playing their original music as well as covering their favorites in blues, country and rock-n-roll. Each member of the band brings a rich musical track record of songwriting and performing experience spanning radio, television and other major music festivals. The Double Intenders will be releasing their first CD in the Spring of 2011.

Ben Blankenship was raised in Enid, Oklahoma and has lived and played in Oklahoma City, San Francisco, New York City and Nashville. A six month tour of Western Europe with a guitar and suitcase preceded three years of playing clubs in the New York area. Since moving to Nashville, Ben has released two CDs:"Black Lipstick" and "Solitaire," a more starkly produced collection of guitar and vocal performances. In addition to singing lead vocals and playing guitar in the Double Intenders, Ben also plays bass and guitar for other bands and songwriters whose music he admires.

Tony Garcia emerged from the bars and clubs of Virginia as a solo musician as well as a bandleader of several rock and country bands, the last one of which landed him in a Nashville recording studio. Since then, Tony has travelled from coast to coast playing to growing audiences with his diverse style of acoustic rock-n-roll. Tony's songs have been featured on NPR and American Roots Music Radio. Tony has also had songs recorded by artists such as: Joel Alan Lehman "Sportsman's Paradise" and Lynn Manderson ("Blue In The Sun", "In and Out of the Blues"). In 2005, Tony released his first solo album entitled "This Road".

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Jim Alderman started playing drums in high school and cut his musical teeth on British Invasion pop, Motown, and West Coast psychedelia. While attending architectural school in Houston, he discovered the local original music scene featuring the likes of Townes Van Zandt and the 13th Floor Elevators. Remaining in Texas after graduation, Jim became a founding member of the proto-Americana group the Shake Russell-Dana Cooper Band. For almost a decade the band toured Texas as a top drawing original act, with featured appearances on Austin City Limits and at the Kerrville Folk Festival, and was cited as a musical influence by a generation of Texas singer-songwriters.Jim also played at various times with long-time Houston luminaries John Vandiver, Vince Bell and piano-man Ezra Charles. Since returning to Nashville in the mid-nineties, Jim has continued to follow the beat, currently as a member of the Double Intenders.

Originally from the East Coast, Kenny Owens always had song writing in his heart but focused mainly on playing bass sharing the stage with a host of stellar musicians such as Buddy Miller, Leroy Parnell, John Belushi and the Bellamy Brothers at New York's Lone Star Cafe. Ready for a change in scenery and an opportunity for session work, Kenny took an offer to drive south to play on an album in exchange for 6 months free rent in East Nashville. With the love and support of his family he decided to pack up and make Tennessee his home. Kenny spent the next few years years backing up stars such as the Hagar twins, MC Potts and Bill Monroe. An accomplished songwriter in his own right, Kenny recorded and released "Walking in St. James" in 2010.


Double Intenders - June 2011

Ben Blankenship - Armed With Decoder Ring, Solitaire, Black Lipstick

Tony Garcia - This Road

Kenny Owens - Walking in St. James

Set List

A Little Bit More
A Shameful Thing To Do
Bad Connection
Complicated Girl
Flowers and Candy
How Could I Go Wrong
Humane Fishing Song
I Know
I'm Not Sorry
I’ll Think Of You
Keep It All Inside
Let Them Say What They Want
Letting Me Go
Lonely Alone
Looters and Loans
Lost in Austin
Motherless Son
No Stranger
Nobody Warned Me
Rats in the Kitchen
Say You Miss Me
Second Best Friend
She Knows
She's Like A Rose, Man
So Long Til The Morning
The Game
The Other Side of the Bars
The Red Shoes
The Rotating Ballroom Rag
This Road
Too Good To Be True
Two Guitars
Under the Radar
Walk It Off
Watching Television