ROOTS, ROCK. REGGAE, DANCEHALL, ALTERNATIVE or ( RrrdA ) We are unique ! We will leave the crowd wanting more and saying Whos that? Dont expect the basics. Youll be shocked ! This is original!!!


What set us APART from other acts in our category is King Hopeton and Xsample. King Hopeton, is one of Jamaica’s top producers/engineer, who plays all instruments and was instrumental in bringing back the ONE DROP to the ROOTS of Reggae Music. ALL beats played on DOUBLELION set list is a new creation never yet heard. All melodies and all instrumental composition can be liked bar none, He's also the protégé of Hart Richards and the world famous Riddim hit makers ,Guinness book record holder/Grammy award winners Steelie n Cleavie. Xsample is a GRIOT, a dynamic and energetic deep-rooted singer/Dj poet spokesman. His stage presence and performance is a sight to behold. Simply and to the point , Doublelion is FRESH, CREATIVE, NEVER HEARD BEFORE LYRICS/ MUSIC WITH MESSAGES FOR GENERATIONS TO COME. Its too early to compare us to anyone give us in the next millennium other bands Singers and players of instruments will be compared to us. "WHO JAH BLESS NO ONE CURSE"... XK

Mgr/Booking/ Agent/ Pr So Calif USA
Heres Lookin at You Ent!
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King Hopeton released his first Album titled
"KING OF KINGS" Sept '08 with the first thousand almost sold out. In the first month being released just by playing at venues in Sacramento. Ca. his single "king of kings" and "Don’t you care" is in heavy rotation in Jamaica Irie fm and Big up radio on the internet and all over Europe especially Spain where our MARCH OF THE KINGS TOUR is poised to do a leg next spring 09.
the album" MARCH OF THE KINGS" Xsample XK king Hopeton will be out Jan 1 09 Xsample First album "COME CORRECT "will be out December 25,07

KingHopeton Track "Love Me" on cddvd vol 1 Tribute to DennisBrown out Feb 1 09' order at store

Set List

set list has no time limits .We adjust our set list to fit the time allotted or genre or noise. Promoters want sets to be 45 min get 45. We have already played for kids , charity gigs for seniors ,we went classical when we play for the young hip crowd we went straight dancehall mature crowd we keep it real with heavy baseline Roots and banging REGGAE the heart beat of the people. We can play as long as you wish or pay us to. Sometimes when there is no power or we feel like playing Intimate setting we go straight acoustic. Our idea of Music this time in our lifetime is to play everywhere that needs or provide LIVE setting or otherwise/ weddings Or FUNERALS fi REAL.
As Xsample said in one of his song: the dead again shall be seen in heaven sitting next to my god. Quote from his song "MAMA JEAN."