Double Oh No

Double Oh No

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Heavy bass party music. Bringing together influences of Bassline, UKG, Dubstep, Fidget and Electro, Double Oh No has been described as "speed garage joyriding with fidget house, losing control and smashing into a dubstep factory".


Producing tracks since age 13, Double Oh No aka Bryce Scheurle is no stranger to the music scene. A multi-instrumentalist and composition student, he's still a force to be reckoned with on the decks and in the studio. Double Oh No's music takes influence from UK Garage, Bassline House, Dubstep and Electro and has been described as "speed garage joyriding with fidget house losing control and smashing into a dubstep factory." He's DJ'd at events alongside the likes of Keith Mackenzie, Scribbler, Thrills, Donald Glaude, Geno Cochino, Dig-Dug, Tony Rocky Horror, KJ Sawka, CyberSutra, Worthy and more. With tracks forthcoming on Noiseporn Records, HM Records, Atomic Zoo Recordings, Sub Philo Music and Bombeatz Music, 2010 is looking to be a gargantuan year for the 19 year-old producer from Seattle, Washington.


Releasing out and forthcoming on Sub Philo Music Group, Phantom Hertz, Noiseporn Records, Snatchy Trax, HM Records, Bombeatz Music, Atomic Zoo Recordings, Redvolume Recordings and more in 2010 and beyond!

Released Tracks:
Double Oh No - Hold Up EP [Noiseporn Records]
Dylan Kennedy & Rusty Meeks - Cthulhu (Double Oh No Remix) [Atomic Zoo
Dan Clare Feat. Varski Chopra - Dirty Touch (Double Oh No Remix)
[Noiseporn Records]
Double Oh No - Wut I Am FREE EP [CDR]
Double Oh No and Tony Rocky Horror - The Horror EP [Starblocks]
Double Oh No - You Bettah [Metronix Records]
Religion - Feel No Better (Double Oh No Remix) [Noiseporn Records]
Mark Lam Feat. MC Freeflow - Jungle MC's (Double Oh No Remix)
[Noiseporn Records]
Tony Rocky Horror - Subatron (White Collar Syndicate VIP) [Sub Philo
Music Group]
White Collar Syndicate - We've Made A Huge Mistake EP [Sub Philo Music
Young Nutz - Oh Shit! (White Collar Syndicate Remix) [Nu Industry
Miscellaneous Chocolate - Fuckin' Bitches (White Collar Syndicate VIP)
Jayou - Crack Hands (White Collar Syndicate Remix) [CDR]
Audibullys - We Don't Care (White Collar Syndicate Remix) [CDR]

Forthcoming Tracks:
Double Oh No - Untitled EP [Phantom Hertz Records]
Double Oh No - Dr. Oh No EP [HM Records]
Double Oh No - Seattle Slang EP [Snatchy Trax]
Double Oh No - Wicked EP [Atomic Zoo Recordings]
Double Oh No - Canigeta/Kong/I Think I'm [Sub Philo Music Group]
Dylan Kennedy - Agartha (Double Oh No Remix) [Atomic Zoo Recordings]
Frederik Olufsen - Once Again (Double Oh No Remix) [Atomic Zoo
Redemption and The Faun - Titan (Double Oh No Remix) [Redvolume
Anaxim - Potato (Double Oh No Remix) [Noiseporn Records]
Prepare to Meet Thy Broom - Amazonic Sound (Double Oh No Remix) [Sub
Philo Music Group]
Defunct! Feat MC Freeflow - That's The Game (Double Oh No Remix)
[CDR/Dandy Kid Records Competition]
DTF! Feat Allie J - Sex On The Beach (Double Oh No Remix) [Atomic Zoo
Heatseek - Stronger Dope (Double Oh No Remix) [Atomic Zoo Recordings]

Set List

Can play any set length. Usually play about 30 songs an hour.