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Fresh and clean style that bounces heads with the new uplifting THIZZ Latin style. Last of a Dying Breed is the Sophmore release from Northwest Hip Hop Duo, Double O Ryderz. Released in 2007, the CD has generated worldwide interest selling from Germany and Japan. Endorsed by Radio & Records GFA


P.a.Z.E spent the first 24 years of his life in a city he would call “The
Double O” - Ontario, Oregon. The seventh of eight children, Adam was raised
on a variety of different musical styles from the corridos and cumbias his
parents listened to, to the oldies and Tejano mixes of his brothers, to the
classic rock, R&B, and Spanish love songs that his sisters played. When Adam
first got a glimpse of the Hip-Hop culture, artists like Public Enemy, Bone
Thugs˜N˜Harmony, and the late Eazy-E captivated his attention, and he was
immediately addicted. Loving the different styles and forms of the
music -- the smooth West coast styles of Snoop Dogg, the East coast
grime of Wu-Tang Clan, and even the Southern bounce of Outkast and
No Limit Records, he knew that his calling would take him to the
At 15, Adam rocked his first show with Raul Chavez, better known
now as DJ Que, and at 17 he was given the name Pazemaker because
of the way he could easily change his rhyme speed and flow to match a
beat. In 2000, Adam, who had taken on the name as Powerful Az Ever
or Paze, for short, started LockJaw Entertainment with DJ Que and
other local Double O’ MCs. It was here where PAzE met Estevan
Meza, aka Mister E-Dog, and formed a bond with him that extended
into a shared project and duo now known as Double O' Ryderz.
Through Dub-Sac, Paze released two underground solo albums, and
the Double O' Ryderz album “916 To Da 541.” In 2005, PAzE and
Mister E-Dog are on the verge of dropping their first major album
“Cali-Oregon Connected.” PAzE has moved to Boise, Idaho and has
worked with many of the local artist including Brown X, Related
Rhymes, Chew Gums, Untouchable, and is featured on Texas T's radio
single “Be Your Girl (remix).” PAzE hooked up with Beat Down
Productions to record and release his solo album entitled "Most
Requested,” and in May 2007, Paze and Mister E Dog return with their
highly-anticipated second release - Last of a Dying Breed.
Mister E
Born in Southern California and raised in Sacramento,
Estevan Meza is known as Mister E Dog in
the Hip Hop world. At an early age, he began writing
his own poetry, perfecting his writing skills, and
soon his poetry was transformed into rap lyrics. E
Dog was heavily influenced by old school rappers
such as Run DMC, L.L. Cool J, Grand Master Flash
and others from that era as well as Ice T, Easy E,
N.W.A., Tupac, Too $hort, S.P.M., Mac Dre and
other rappers of today.
In the late 90's after the birth of his son, he moved
to Ontario, Oregon where he met his rap partner,
P.Az.E. The two instantly bonded and became not
only friends but business partners. P.Az.E. introduced
E Dog to other local rappers. The year was
2002 and the Double O Ryderz were working on
their first album. Their first taste of success was
the hit, “Double O Thang.” This song generated a
big buzz and opportunities opened up for them to
showcase their talent in cities throughout the
northwest. These opportunities also gave Mister E
Dog the chance to hone his ability to produce
beats and to become an artist with great stage
presence. While on the road he sold his solo
CDs to network with other artists and to put his
name out in the rap game. This method of selfpublicity
has provided the opportunity for him to
produce beats for many artists, ranging from
southern California to the bay area, and from eastern
Oregon to Texas.In October of 2006, after
many years of dedication and hard work, Mister E
Dog signed his first recording contract with Sworn
In Records.


P.A.ZE- Most Requested (LP-2006)
Double O Ryderz- Double O Thang (Single)
Double O Ryderz- Last Of A Dying Breed - (LP-2007)
Double O Ryderz- Diamonds (Radio Single-2007)

Set List

Sets usually 30-40 mins but can extend with individual songs if needed.