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Julian Shah-Tayler

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Alternative


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“The moment they stepped on stage you could instantly tell DIAMOND EYE live and breathe rock!
‘Will, the lead vocalist with his Paul Stanley-esque screams is your classic front man and entertained the crowd to the last second. This coupled with rock solid guitars and bass and an extremely talented drummer was the perfect way to start the night, their song ‘Fuck’ grabbed you by the balls and didn’t let go till the end.”
- Derek Quayles

“DIAMOND EYE don’t doubt themselves at all, they told me whether 5 or 500 people, they will always put on the same show. Rock solid to that word, they did. Greg on lead guitar is sharp, fast and has really got it going on. This is a band that actually wants to go places. They’re pumping themselves up, they’re talking about themselves, but they’re pulling it off on stage.” - Chris Veerhuis

“From the moment they stepped into the spotlight, loving every minute that they are alive onstage with the crowd cheering for them, they head banged away. They ripped through each song with complete confidence and were in such fine form in doing it. Diamond Eye was energetic and strong from beginning to end with their soaring guitar harmonies. They are a solid band who is great at their style which reaches out to all different genres and different crowds. To me, Diamond Eye has put a new meaning to 80's Rock in the 21st century”. - Heather M

"Diamond Eye are incredibly entertaining and massively fun to watch, as far as ability is concerned, Diamond Eye stock the goods and are simply awesome personalities that make you want to get the horns out."

- Laura Glitsos

I was surprised to see so many Diamond Eye T-shirts all over the front of house prior to these up-and-coming rockers hitting the stage. They were literally everywhere you looked and its obvious there’s a big and super loyal following there. People were lining up at the front of the stage as their road crew of 7 (no kidding!) showed just how professional a local band can be. You could see the influence of Double Platinum Promotions senior A&R Lorelle who’s taken these four guys from the blue collar suburbs and turned them into an act becoming popular with a big cross section of fans. Their sound was fat, Troy set behind a behemoth of a kit that couldn’t help but make you think of Peter Criss and he had the chops to actually back it up. Chase is becoming a huge stage performer on bass and between Will’s amazing Paul Stanley style vocals and Greg’s Satriani style guitar licks, you can see that glam is certainly making a comeback, only this time with a harder edge. Quite simply, they kicked ass!

- AJ - www.loconnut.com.au

DIAMOND EYE couldn’t be more different to their support act, and blew them away after only twenty seconds with their sheer presence. These guys deliver what the Perth scene has long been lacking – a SHOW. They have big production lighting, pyrotechnics, some really good hard rock/metal songs and the mindset to deliver a performance reminiscent of early Kiss or the hair metal glory days of the late eighties. Their bio describes them as Kiss meets Metallica, and we noticed elements of Dokken and even Manowar in there too. Diamond Eye prove that you don’t need a huge budget to put on a decent show, that you can be tight and pack a punch onstage without being dull and over-rehearsed, and that rock n’ roll in all it’s glory will never die.
Somehow they have previously slipped under my radar and this is my first time seeing the band – but on the strength of tonight’s show it won’t be my last, or anyone else’s who is in attendance. ‘Been Away Too Long’, ‘Machine'(Crushed Under the Wheels Of My) , ‘Atlantis’, ‘Last One Standing’, ‘Fuck!’ and more get a great response from the near-to-full room, the band perform brilliantly throughout, achieving the best result possible: we leave feeling that we’ve experienced not just a good set, but also a fine show and some great entertainment - and that’s what rock is all about!

- Shane – www.therockpit.com


The Civic Hotel only brought live music back into its premises about six months ago, but it’s definitely been a good move as the Civic can accommodate a big rock show with all the bells and whistles. And few local bands do big shows like DIAMOND EYE. This was the band’s first show with new drummer Jeff Keating, and the groups wasn’t out to disappoint.

Around 10:15, the lights dimmed and along came the moment we’d been waiting for: Diamond Eye was back. The band kicked off with the appropriately titled ‘Been Away’ and from the opening pyro blast you knew this gig was special. After all, when was the last time you saw a pyrotechnics at a local gig? Not to mention the smoke machine and the special lighting rig. Frontman Will Kelly was in fine form throughout and guitarist Greg Fawcett and bassist Chase Cameron made good use of their wireless units, charging and spinning all around the stage. The setlist was peppered with anthems like ‘Machine’, ‘Atlantis’, and ‘Last One Standing’. Obviously the band are big fans of KISS, and this is reflected not only in their stage clothing but also their music and general attitude: “Rock & roll ain’t a spectator sport!” It all came to a head at the end of the set with their best known song, the aptly titled ‘Fuck‘. Add a “Yeah!” to that title and that’s how the fans felt after such a thrill ride.

This gig wasn’t just a performance, it was a spectacle. - Spaceship News - Chris Martin

"The amount of material that Julian has recorded in various guises and heady collaborations over the last few years is simply impressive. The self publicised E.P`s seem to be his current passion, the range of vocal style and diversity turns this sophisticated avant-pop into sleek studio perfection."

"OK you may ask but what about the music? Well I have to say having been very impressed with the last release, this latest offering is perhaps even stronger. Great songs, and excellent musicianship and production make Julian a likely contender for much bigger status in the music industry"
- Beehive Candy

"What amazed me about his music was how different the first EP was form the 2nd. I liked his sound so much that I felt I needed to ask him a few questions about his musical experiences."
- Boom Boom Chik

"A great display of Julian's talents and of his variety in music making. The EP is a real musical journey; taking us from grooving pop rock, chilling out with some more mellow tracks and finishing with a real rave of a tune. I urge you to download the EP now! "
- When We Were Beautiful Blog

"Wetter" is a straight up, extremely catchy pop song that is sure to get Julian even more praise.
- The Bomarr Blog

"Wetter" is a straight up, extremely catchy pop song that is sure to get Julian even more praise.
- The Bomarr Blog

Stupidly good. - Liberty London Girl

Stupidly good. - Liberty London Girl

'His song writing and performance is quite stunning. The melodies and variety of styles he uses along with first class production have really gained my attention"
- Beehive Candy

"Interview with Julian Shah-Tayler about working with Joaquin Phoenix"

- E! News Online

Julian Shah-Tayler, self-producing artist, speaks with Breakthrough Band about his music and offers an inside look at the path he is trekking. "
- Breakthrough Band

Musician Julian Shah-Tayler arrives at Paper Magazine's 12th Annual Beautiful People Party..."
- Film Magic

Julian Shah-Tayler is an LA native that has paid his dues in the underground circle. He has played in such distinct bands as WHITEY (co-writing the smash hit “Wrap It Up” - featured in “Whip It”, GTA4, and Sopranos) and his current band ADAMANDEVIL perfecting his brand of Dance-Rock tunes, and pensive ballads. - Geek Week

Q&A with Julian Shah-Tayler - Recordapedia

"One song in particular that caught my eye was called “Wetter.” I wouldn’t know how to genrify it, I’d say Electrockdy but that’s more of a combination of genres. It’s quite up tempo and there’s some nice vocals so I recommend you check it out" - Naughty Mickie - Dabelly interview

Wonderful vocals. The Production is Superior"


Un Ange Passe - Sep 2009

Fill Your Joys With Love - Nov 2009

Blah Blah Blahnik - Apr 2010

Julian Shah-Tayler pka Xerox - Twins - Apr 2010

Coito Ergo Sum - Sept 2010



Julian Shah-Tayler is a solo artist who writes, produces and performs all his own music.

The EPs “Un Ange Passe” , “Blah Blah Blahnik” and “Fill Your Joys With Love” are available from all download services.

His debut album, “Coito Ergo Sum” was released September 2010 on IMPOSSIBLETHINGSRECORDS.COM on all online services and through KES Distribution for the deluxe double CD version (also available from the Impossible Things Records website)

2010 saw Julian perform alongside the likes of Macy Gray and Rolan Bolan at Hollywood nightclub “Bardot”.
He sang for Angie Bowie.
Played mainstage at the 'LA Pride Festival' with Berlin.
Was featured in the Huffington Post.
Was commissioned by Imelda Marcos to write a song 'Show Me Your Soul' for a series of art shows created around her infamous shoe collection.

Blog and radio attention has been universally rapturous and uses lots of superlatives like: “Massive, Perfection, Brilliant, Great, Outstanding, Exquisite, Remarkable, Pure Beauty, Excellent, Impressive, Inspiring” and seem to feature the words “I Love It” a lot.

The music is very diverse and informed by a great many influences from blistering ROCK guitar to gentle quasi-classical piano interludes through a smattering of electronica. As one journalist said: “Synth and drum machine feeling just as cozy on the recording as his guitar work” and another: “He has a clear view of how he wants his music to form and how every instrument can help realize his vision”

Julian has written/co-written songs which have featured on:
“Whip It”
“GTA 4”
"LocoTV Australia"
“Prudence - The Movie”
“MTV's - The City”
“The Sopranos”
“Kyle XY”
“West Coast Diaries”,
“Youthful Journeys Of The World”

He has also worked as a writer/collaborator/producer with:
Joaquin Phoenix, JC Chasez, Siobhan Fahey (Shakespear’s Sister/Bananarama), Kerli (Island/DefJam), Whitey, drinkme, Bunny (PIAS), Adamandevil, Motor, CutCopy, Marina Celeste (Nouvelle Vague)

He has djed worldwide in clubs from Barcelona to Berlin, through New York to Los Angeles, and in what spare time he has, has also recorded over 300 original songs.

If you would like to contact him, or book him for gigs, sessions, dj or production/remix work please contact him via his management:

Lorelle Correia.