Double Plow

Double Plow

 Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

We play good ol' Rock and Roll in the classic style with an infusion of Blues and Country. Catchy guitar riffs and anthemic choruses guaranteed to keep you dancin' and singin' along.


"Rock 'n roll in the canonical sense!" So said F5 Music Review when describing Double Plow. As though it were ordained from above, the band led by the brothers Dwayne "Buzzard" and Jimmy James Norris aspires to nothing less than the resuscitation of roots rock 'n roll. Scorching guitar licks and anthemic choruses abound in Double Plow's new release, SEE THE SMOKE. Musically, the band delves into the rock of the 60's and 70's, swing and rockabilly, London and Muscle Shoals, hillbilly/Americana rock, and the blues... always the blues. Lyrically, Double Plow tangles with immigration, booty shakin', cannibalism, cars, girls, living in the present, sex, alcohol, drifting, moon goddesses, murder, haystack trysts, election rigging, and... love.
Capturing the feel of their indefatigable, eclectic live shows, this CD represents the pinnacle of Plowism thus far. Shawn Peters, creator of the Crumbesque cartoon cover art, rolls the bones and keeps every song jumpin' and dancin'. Andy Dunn lays down thick bass lines guaranteed to drive booties to shakin'.
If you're searching for an album that combines fun-loving party music with classic songwriting and intelligence, look no further.
Double Plow was formed in 2007. Since then, brothers Jimmy James and Dwayne “Buzzard” Norris have forged a Southern-fried jam band sound deeply rooted in the traditions of classic rock. Built on solid songwriting, danceable grooves, and thick guitar licks, Double Plow has begun to see a good measure of success by marrying their interpretation of the hippy Southwest and the flowers of the Southeast- blues and country/bluegrass. There is only one way to describe their sound: pure rock and roll.... no adjectives, hyphens or qualifiers needed.


Full-length CD:
"See the Smoke" 2013
"Where the Moon Always Shines" 2011"
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Set List

"The Same Refrain"
"Whiskey Rain'
"River Woman"
"Come To Believe"
"Election Day"
"Joy Everlasting"
"To Be a Man"
"Honey Rose"
"Black Bottom"
"Dogs on Ice"
"Open Flame"

"Where the Devil Dont Stay" - Drive By Truckers
"White Rabbit" - Jefferson Airplane
"Lonesome, Onry and Mean"- Waylon Jennings

Are sets are usually 45 min. We play between one and 3 sets