Double Trouble Reggae Band

Double Trouble Reggae Band


Watch our video by clicking on the "Video" Navigation button, here on Homepage. Give thanks, and welcome to the DOUBLE TROUBLE REGGAE camp. Our music represents, and continue to spread, the traditional sweet reggae vibes, that Bob Marley brought forward.


"ALL ABOARD"!!!! lets take you on a wild musical excursion aboard the DOUBLE TROUBLE REGGAE BAND!!!! lets cruise into the wonderfull world of sweet REGGAE music. The DOUBLE TROUBLE REGGAE BAND has an International flavour ... our crew of seasoned musicians and unique recording artists, hail from Jamaica, NY and London. "The Band" is the driving force behind the record label DOUBLE TROUBLE REGGAE.COM ... a small independent label. Depending on the size of the event, we "stretch" our skimpy resources to cover them all. Our songs are most popular in Australia, Jamaica ( and Europe. We also have a strong following in the Caribbean, Hawaii, and urban USA


Single/DVD: Love Letter
Single/DVD: Why, Why, Why, you so shy, shy, shy
Single/DVD: Next Plane
Album: Double Trouble Reggae, Vol. ll

Set List

We do on average, about 7 songs in each Set. Number of Sets per event, is negotiable.
MoJoe, does an unbelievable "Bob Marley" cover