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The best kept secret in music


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They are a team, they are a movement, and they are the lungs of a body that has yet to be displayed in front of thousands, and heard by millions. Their chemistry is amazing, because they compliment each other so well. They are the exact opposite, Payso is more the more laid back, yet flashy side of the team, while Holladay is more amped, but more low key side of the team. This sounds crazy but it is what makes Double Up, Double Up. These two are from two different sides of Los Angeles, Payso grew up on the eastside of Los Angeles, Watts to be exact. The city of the great struggle, which is home to the most project living establishments in the Los Angeles County. "It seems like we've been set up for failure, but I wont fail," says Payso, as he takes a seat on his grandmother's porch. "I grew up right here." He adds. "You can feel the struggle." Music is his new struggle, being an underrated west coast rapper. It seems like they have been set up for failure. But this is only half of the struggle. Now we step into Holladay's side of the city. The Westside of the city. "Welcome to West L.A." Holladay says. "Where the hustla's shine hard to cover up the pain." Double up's two sides are so different, yet at the same time very similar. It seems like nothing has changed except the location of the sun. No projects are here in West L.A., just back to back apartment buildings. "You only have three ways out of here, and I chose music," says Holladay, as he cruises into the fox hills mall to snatch some items for a show tonight. Double Up has been a group from the beginning, They started together and have grown together. They are now the most feared duo in Los Angeles, because they are both musically and lyrically talented. After being part of three mix tapes in the course of nine months and one of those being their own mix tape, they have definatley made a name for themselves and their crew. As they get ready to hit the stage for their 3rd show in two days, a crew member plugs his ears as they pull back the BB Kings curtains because of the screams that pour onto the stage. Holladay laughs, "And we aint even signed yet." As they breeze back in forth across the stage with eaze, it all seems to be effortless, because this is their second nature. All the pain and struggle instantly turns into bliss once they hit the stage. The way they work the crowd, you would have thought they were veterans. A crowd that has no idea who they are. A crowd that is just loving their image and the song that is blasting thru the school speakers.