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Denver, Colorado, United States | INDIE

Denver, Colorado, United States | INDIE
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"Denver's Raleigh Rides On"

..> Denver's Raleigh rides on
By GENE DAVIS - January 31, 2008
Indie-rock is a genre that often serves as an excuse for skinny white guys who can't sing to get up on stage and complain via song about how they don't get laid. Raleigh, the Denver based four-piece that is playing tonight at 3 Kings Tavern with Light Travels Faster, avoids the pitfall and makes music that is witty, passionate and most importantly, rocking.

Raleigh is born

David Crowe started Raleigh after his last band, Everything Absent or Distorted, popped into a multi-instrumental project with eons of people. Crowe put out an ad that said, "Gary Young seeks Stephen Malkmus," and thus, legend/MySpace Bio has it, Raleigh was born.


The group drove through some lineup changes before settling into a three piece: Crowe (bass, vocals), Bryon Parker (guitar, vocals) and Dave Sprague (drums, vocals). They added a fourth member this year, Mike Perfetti (guitar), who makes his debut as a full-fledged member tonight.

"For us it makes sense," said Crowe about adding Perfetti, who he played in a band before. "We were not looking for just anybody. He just fit."

'Training wheels'

Raleigh recorded the "Training Wheels" EP in 2007 and rode on to local praise and attention; the Onion named it one of the best Denver releases of 2007 and Westword gave it a good review.

"Raleigh rides with the big kids," said Westword's Tom Murphy.

The four songs on the CD take the soft/loud dynamic of the Pixies, the screaming vocals of Fugazi, the witty stream of conscience lyrics of Stephen Malkmus and mixes them into something that transcends the influences. They recently printed out 200 more copies after selling out of the initial copies and have them available for purchase at their shows, Wax Trax and Twist and Shout.

The players

Raleigh benefits from the split of personalities between its two front members — Crowe is ambitious and seems like he's consistently plotting the band's next move to get them ahead, and Parker is enjoying the ride and keeping it fun. All of the members have been in numerous bands before and are happy about where they're at, although they'd like to keep pushing it.

"Everyone has their own definition of success," said Parker.


The band hopes to make enough money to be able to record a full length and become one of the bands that puts Denver on the map musically. They aim for the level of success of Austin-based band Spoon, gradually building up a fan base through continuously releasing good music.

"We have high expectations," said Parker about the full length and the future, "But there's still lots to be figured out."

- Denver Daily News

"Raleigh Rides With the Big Kids"

Training Wheels EP
Few Hit Records
By Tom Murphy
Published: July 26, 2007

Subject(s): Raleigh Raleigh's Training Wheels EP is like an indie-rock artichoke: If you peel back the layers of influences, you'll find quite a delectable core underneath. Listen closely and you'll hear the trappings of Modest Mouse's frayed exuberance as the outfit transmutes angst into fragmented melodies. There are also hints of Sunny Day Real Estate's emo spikiness and Sebadoh's adventurous slacker aesthetic. Elsewhere, "Hollywood, Florida" sounds like a furious melding of Slint and 764-Hero. But rather than come off as another wearying example of indie kids flaunting everything they absorbed from their older brothers' record collections, the members of Raleigh tap into the rawness, energy and cleverness of their inspirations without ironic self-consciousness. And when the band loses its frenetic awkwardness — kicks off the training wheels, as it were — Raleigh rides with the big kids.

- The Denver Westword

"The Onion AV Club "Most Notable Releases of '07""

Like an erratic, fever-infected Archers Of Loaf-or Modest Mouse when they were smelly and lean-Raleigh brings power, combustion, and scrappy elan into indie rock. And indie rock needs it: wtih nary a trace of pretension or orchestral bullshit, the trio cuts its collossal, bittersweet sing-slongs to the bone.
-Jason Heller - The Onion Newspaper


we recorded all new songs in the winter of 2012 with denver's legendary recording studio 8 houses down. the ep is called "one long hymn to distraction" and everyone we know dances and/or sings along when it is played loudly and/or accompanied by beer and/or whiskey.



this band is 3 boys and a girl who have all been in 1,000,000 bands before and hoping to stay in this 1 a little while.
we still play several of the same songs that the previous version of doubters played at our well-received 2011 underground music showcase(UMS) set, but the new ones kill.