Doubting Thomas

Doubting Thomas

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With rootsy acoustic tunes, jangly guitar pop and blistering rock songs, Doubting Thomas have a natural cohesiveness that is instantly recognizable.


Doubting Thomas are a 4 piece Brisbane band determined to connect with as many people as possible. The band already have two independent CD's under their belt, with airplay on Triple J as well as local radio and TV. Their latest release is a 7 track EP ' if you find me send me home', distributed nationally through MGM.
Performing live, however, is where Doubting Thomas come into their element and they are quickly developing a reputation for their powerful and dynamic live rock shows. With a catalogue of over 30 original tracks and growing, no two shows are ever the same. Doubting Thomas always capture a crowds attention, and when they play, people stop and listen. as Rave Magazine said,' Watching a Doubting Thomas gig is like being run over by a smiling guy driving a steam roller'.
To increase their exposure and broaden their loyal following, Doubting Thomas have toured both CD's extensively throughout the eastern states. Recent shows have included supporting Triple J favourite Iota in Melbourne, opening for The Killjoys and Mick Thomas (Weddings Parties Anything) at The Annandale in Sydney, and a string of dates with legendary rocker Nick Barker.
At the heart of Doubting Thomas' unique sound are vocalist Daniel Grant's absorbing songs. He is a gifted and accomplished songwriter, with a voice to match - a rarity in today's disposable pop culture. Dan formed the band in 1999 as a vehicle for his growing collection of songs. He teamed up with guitarist Ben Mallon, to produce the first Doubting Thomas album ' Crying Out Loud". The outstanding debut has a maturity and sound that belies the fact that it was recorded in Ben's spare room!
The right songs combined with the right people have created a felling of momentum which is impossible to contain, and Doubting Thomas have no intention of giving in.


'Crying Out Loud' LP Released 2000
'if you find me send me home' EP relesed 2004