Doubting Thomas Cruise Control

Doubting Thomas Cruise Control

 New York City, New York, USA

A quartet who met at Fordham University and have played music together since, creating a soundscape of terse, ominous, lo-fi yet heavily crafted pop songs, focused on the combination of elements rather than the emphasis of any one.

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Crop Circles

Written By: Bobby Cardos

I don’t want to wake up when the sun is outside.
I don’t want to go to bed alone again.
There is something to prove where there’s something to lose.
If you’re trying to prove it, it’s already lost.
And I don’t want to wake up alone again.
It’s a feeling I have before I open my eyes.
You don’t want to put up with the way that I feel.
I feel everything; I feel it all of the time.
I cannot justify and I will not explain.
And whatever I do, it is always the case
But I don’t want to wake up alone again.
It is tricky enough to wake up inside my mind.


Written By: Bobby Cardos

In pastoral scenes, he tries to get out from his ugly head.
He cleanses house. He goes through tenants, and kicks the demons out.
He heaves a sigh, and owns a single second of relief.
The silence sounds and lets the same old conversations in.

He wants to have a good time, but he doesn’t know how.
He doesn’t want to go outside into the night alone.
People glaring with their eyes, void of sympathy,
and full of smiling dollar signs.

He’s their son of sorrow, though they think that he just plays it bold.
He castles up in hotel rooms and disconnects the phone.

He plays through every move, to anticipate them all.
But every one falls through, because that’s just how it goes.

(I must say that I relate).

He starts to shout. They point their fingers; say that he’s insane.
But they forget that it takes two to play that kind of game.

Anything but

Written By: Bobby Cardos

In the space in which I’d stand,
thinking of the time we’d spend.
Always knowing there’s an end
that's preconceived.
Does that make this a reprieve—
a held in breath?

In that second life you lead
do you ever think of me?
I think of you,
Because thinking’s all I ever do—
or so it seems.

It’s knowing the mistake
at the time it’s being made,
and trying to pretend it’s good for you—
that, maybe, we could gain
more than we’ll lose.
But never sure
what that could mean.

It’s a line I’d never shed.
It remains inside my head,
but I loved you in the end.
I think that’s true.

Fortunate Events

Written By: Bobby Cardos

The past will be dead soon,
but it won’t be before you.
She said it’s not the way
that memory plays out.
That fiction gets around
on ordinary days.

History gets dark, tinted by the paint.
With kerosene and spark, we would be blown away—
but the rest would still remain.

The winter ends too soon,
and the seasonal grief
doesn't get worked out.
It plays into the spring,
and your friends push you to
the corner of the room.

They say you look so gloom in the darkened space.
You blame it on the moon; they leave the place in haste,
tell you, call them soon.

The year comes in like an open wound:
a chance to heal. But everything around
is too much sound to take it from the room.
Quick feet slowed down by revelry profound.

Long is not forever

Written By: Bobby Cardos

‘Do you like me?’
‘Yes, I do.
I’m so cynical for you.
You are plastic I am blue,
sitting in a plastic tomb.’

‘Do you love me?’
‘No, I don’t think so.
It is no offense to you.
I just don’t know if it’s true,
or just some clever Christian ruse.’


Nostalgische Mode (EP) - 2010
History et al (Single) - 2012
Builds (LP) - 2012