Doubting Benefit

Doubting Benefit


If you like powerchords and everyday normal stereotypical bands, then we advise you not to listen to this band for your own good. If you like music with lyrical honesty, shredding guitars, and beats that dare you to keep your head from moving, then go Doubting Benefit or go home.

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Song Straight Forward

Written By: Doubting Benefit

you saved me
dont know what id do
you saved me
with the love inside of you,
you saved me
from failing again and making a fool out of you

with unspeakable beauty
you left me breathless.
catch me when i sleep
caught in melody
and change thses hands
these useless hands

you take me
from the mirey clay.
you raised me
at a piont where i can stay.
you gave me room for life

Heart in Mind

Written By: Doubting Benefit

Heart and mind, ill fade away
There’s nothing left for you to say
If everything is how it seems
Then why does your face look so green?
My nightmare will feel like a dream
I wake up just to hear you scream

Flow to my head , oh how I dread
Follow that pattern before we hit the bottom

In such times we believe broken truths, its open wide open
I feel your mind your shattered mind, its open wide open
In such times sophistry is mine its open wide open

Flow to my head oh how I dread
Follow that pattern before we hit the bottom

Jesus tomorrow ill fight for you
Jesus today ill fight for you

You’re just about as common as a failing hero


Doubting Benefit has a 6-song EP called When Hope Looks To Fade. Doubting Benefit is has a steady rotation on the local Christian radio station 91.5 WKTO.

Set List

Doubting Benefit's usual set list consist of 6 songs which usually last 30 minutes. The songs are really upbeat (try and stay still). All songs are written and arranged by Doubting Benefit.
-Heart In Mind
-My Face Stings With Frostbite
-Eviction, Eviction
-52 Pick Up
-Broadcast Forcast Failure
-A Song Straight Forward