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Doug Hawco

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2003 | INDIE

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2003
Solo Pop Folk




"I'm A Fool Review"

Doug Hawco is a talented singer and songwriter with a unique approach to his blend of pop, acoustic, and rock.
His recent release is an excellent single titled “I’m A Fool”. This particular track marks a significant step forward for the artist, highlighting his ability to create stunning arrangements, multi-layered production aesthetics, and authentic lyrics.
This song is a perfect example of what happens when musicians are driven by the right creative instincts. The sound feels organic and spontaneous, yet there are a lot of details and nuances, which at the end of the day, are really those things that end up making a song really special and share a story with the listener, showcasing the artist’s character and personality.

“I’m A Fool” will actually be released on April 1st, but make no mistake: this song is absolutely no joke. Doug managed to inspire his listeners with compelling and earnest vocals, as well as memorable hooks.
The song release is also accompanied by a charming acoustic version, showcasing a whole new melodic texture.

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"Doug Hawco Releases Two Brand New Songs"

Doug Hawco is a driven and talented artist with a passion for lush atmospheres, uplifting melodies, and big production values.
Recently, the artist released two brand new singles, titled “Follow” and “Another Day”

With his unique approach to melody and songwriting, Doug set out to create a sound that feels remarkably personal and introspective, yet wide-open and eclectic. His sound echoes the work of influential music icons such as Dave Matthews, Bono or Ryan Adams, combining a more intimate approach with a widely appealing production value and a rock edge.

Doug’s recent singles, “Follow” and “Another Day” are perfect examples of the artist’s talent, portraying his keen eye (or should we say, ear) for detailed and attentive productions.

As hinted by the beautiful cover image, deepening the artist setting off with his guitar somewhere on a country road, the track has a sparse, yet engrossing sound that feels deep and memorable. On the other hand, “Another Day” showcases a slightly different approach, with its uplifting and witty lyrics. Remarkably, all the proceeds to this single will be donated to the Brain Tumor Foundation!

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"Nova Scotia Musician hits stride after surgery"

Difficult times bring authentic rhymes for Doug Hawco.

The Nova Scotia musician, who wrote his latest album just after brain tumour surgery, has a whole new outlook on his career.

“Four of the seven songs on the album were written while I was in recovery,” said Hawco in an interview.

“I was diagnosed in May 2016 and went for surgery in October. I wanted to turn it into a positive so I spent time with my music and stayed productive.”

The result, his new album, Life On The Water, saw him embrace his folk side and get back into original songs.

“My creative side was pushed. In 1999, I had a bad car crash and a drunk driver hit me. I was in a coma, and had a brain hemorrhage. I went back and wrote an album after,” he said.

“Life-altering experiences draw you back to reality and this one did, too. When you are hit with something like this, you need to look at the big picture and express yourself.”

Hawco got into music at a young age, and his father was also an entertainer.

“I was the youngest of seven kids and they would all jam. I had a guitar from the time I was eight years old,” he said.

“It was like riding a bike. It was a way to express yourself, and I came to know Cape Breton, and Nova Scotia as a whole, later in life. They were much the same when it came to the arts as my home community was in Newfoundland.”

He calls Life On The Water a mixture of country and folk music, and a bit of fun in-between.

“It’s mainly about storytelling and life experiences. The title track . . . though I’ve never been a fisherman, in the navy or part of the Coast Guard, I was always around it,” he said.

“It’s about what it’s like to work on the water, and the guys who do it, love it. It’s about the experience.”'

His album will be released on iTunes and Spotify, as well as in physical format. Hawco sees growing technology trends as a good thing.

“MP3s are such an easy solution, and it was exciting to see the revolution of this. For musicians who want to get heard, it’s a great route. It used to be hard to reach out and I always needed to be on my feet,” he said.

“Now I can send an album that’s downloadable to the U.K. And get a response in an hour. There’s a beautiful way about it.”

It has been 14 years since Hawco’s last album, in 2003, and he’s now going in a new direction.

“I was with a management company and went back to cover music. I had a wife and child and needed to make a living. I played 52 weeks a year, non-stop on the Eastern circuit,” he said.

But the loss of freedom and creativity wore heavily on him.

“I was connecting with fans but after the accident, I went back to my roots,” he said.

“It’s so straightforward now, and the music I play is my own. I’ll keep going like this forever,” -


There is something almost otherworldly about Doug Hawco’s music, as though it fell through the interstices of the parting clouds from another musical era – sounding beautiful, yearning, shimmering, and a just a little edgy.

Doug occupies his own space, his own time. I don’t even know half the words to describe it and I don’t know if I need to – the feeling of his music is what first struck me; the ambience and emotion, amid acoustic-guitar driven arrangements speak to me musically, in the same way the legendary singer-songwriters from the sixties do.

Doug Hawco’s mellow soundscapes and contemplative lyrics are meditations on life, love and existence. The mixes glow like daydreams you have while lying under a clear night sky as you stare up at the stars. Doug is full of ideas, driving melodies and heart-on-your-sleeve stories, without the music ever feeling contrived or over-thought.

While the Folk-Americana essence lies below and often comes through in its truest form, the sonic developments in Doug’s music sometimes take subtly diverse paths. - Tuned Loud Magazine


Feeling a bit camera shy


Doug Hawco is based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 
In February 2017 Doug released his 2nd full length album called "Life on the Water", which has earned him a nomination at the 2017 Josie Music Awards for “Artist of the Year” in the Folk/Bluegrass/Americana category. 
This singer/songwriter writes on emotion instead of genre mainly due to his musical influences of rockers U2, country legend Garth Brooks and the traditional styles of Great Big Sea. Doug expresses his broad and unique writing style in his latest album with stories that will make you want to smile, dance or cry. 
Recently on CIOE FM in Halifax, Doug's album "Life On The Water" was charted as number 30 in the Top 60 East Coast Albums of 2017.
"Another Day" came in number 80 and "I'm A Fool" came in number 34 on the CIOE FM Top 100 East Coast Songs of 2017.
Doug received the most votes in the Fan Voting contest for the 2017 Stan Rogers Festival held in Canso, Nova Scotia, one of the oldest running songwriting festivals in Atlantic Canada.
Playing in pubs for over 20 years, Doug's experience brings out a high level of professionalism and brings the crowd into an intimate setting. A stadium of 5000 or a cafe of 20 will be clapping and singing along with his performance.

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