Doug Brouder

Doug Brouder

 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Groovy grown-up acoustic music - from traditional folky styles through country rock-ish Byrds-y sounds to the point where rock, country folk and poetry intersect. With intelligent lyrics, and you can occasionally dance to it. Topics range from the personal to the historic to the hilarious.


Doug Brouder, with his engaging style, wide range of subjects, intelligent lyrics and powerful rich baritone voice, has been compared to David Wilcox, John Gorka and Gordon Lightfoot. Doug started out years ago in New England coffee houses and since moving to the Mid-Atlantic region has performed at venues including the Tacoma Park Folk Festival, Northern VA Folk Festival, Folk Alliance and many others. At NERFA and Folk Alliance (gatherings of folk music performers and presenters), discerning panels of top folk DJs and songwriters have given his songs “unanimous thumbs-up.”

Doug was recently selected as a finalist in the Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival's Songwriting Contest, and also at AvalonFest's Performing Songwriter Contest.

Doug enjoys and excels at the intimate setting of house concerts and has appeared at Moore Music (in the house), Folk N' Great Concert Series, and Musical Lairs Concert Series, among others.

Doug says:
"I started playing years ago, have played rock and roll, blues, country, bluegrass, Scottish folk songs and all points between. A few years ago I had a creative surge, going from writing two songs a year, if that, to a period in which I wrote a song a day for about two months, every one a keeper. Those songs formed the heart of my CD, Grounded.

Since then I have continued to write and have begun to perform much more frequently.

I come out of the New England folk scene and tradition of coffeehouses and house concerts, and have played everything from roadhouses to picnics to auditorium concerts and small festivals to kitchen parties and all-night raveups. And it's all in the music.

Who do I sound like?

Lately I've been thinking I usually land somewhere between Steve Earle and David Wilcox.

I've been told a lot of things. Some of the great performers from the early 60s folk revival. Ian Tyson or Tom Rush. Or newer ones - John Gorka, for his little portraits of situations, for instance. Someone who just heard the CD said Dylan, Mark Knopfler and Tom Petty. I'll take any one of them. An intriguing brew of folk, rock, country-ish alt Americana like Gram Parsons meets the Beatles, maybe. Three minute songs are what I grew up with, so that's what I write; tight, punchy catchy gems that may stay in your head for days or lie dormant for a while, only to come back when you need them to."

See for performance calendar.


I Miss the Us

Written By: Doug Brouder

Miss the us

sing me like a beatles song
play me like your favorite game
pack my soul and bring it along
and whisper me
and whisper me
whisper me just like your lover's name
hide me 'neath your satin skin
peering through your gypsy eyes
write me stories tell me tales
and give me dreams
and give me dreams
give me sacred dreams to memorize
i miss the missing;
miss your grin
miss the heartbeat and the buzz
miss your glowing
sweating skin
i miss the us
i miss the us
i miss the us that never was
take me with you take my thirst
take me everywhere you go
take my hunger take my curse
and take the secrets
and take the secrets
and take all the sweet secrets that you know
for i will hold you in my soul
and i will treasure you
but i have given you control
of pain and pleasure too
and we are one and you are here
so tell me something new
then make it all come true
make it all come true
tell me things then make them all come true
i miss the missing;
miss your grin
miss the heartbeat and the buzz
miss your glowing
sweating skin
i miss the us
i miss the us
i miss the us that never was
i miss the us
i miss the us
i miss the us that never was

Let it Go

Written By: Doug Brouder

So you say your mama hit you
Daddy drank that booze
And with all of what you’ve been through
You think that you’re just bound to lose

Well I got some news for you kid
And you won’t like what I say
But the choice is yours to make
You can start over any day

And you say you once had nothing
I’d say you’ve got it still
‘Cuz You’ll never find that peace of mind
You’re looking for until You
let it go - - - -

Let it go
Find the meaning learn the lesson and then
Head on down the road
let it go let it go
You don’t need it any longer you’ll be stronger if you simply
Let it go

Every single one of use
Has some pain to overcome
You can hold tight to your troubles
You can face them, you can run

You can let your past define you
It’s an easy thing to do
Or you can fix your gaze on better days
And to your course be true
By letting go – Let it go –

A Buddhist priest walked with his master
Many years ago
And as they walked the master talked
of things the priest should know

He spoke of wheels and suffering
And the lives we reap and sow
He spoke of many things but
Most of all
He spoke of letting go

As they walked they met a maiden
By a river swift and wide
She’d been caught by rising waters
Could not reach the other side
So the master took her in his arms
And placed her on the bank
Then he disappeared before the girl
Could even turn to thank him
Then he walked along in silence
With the young priest by his side
After hours the young man’s burning question
Could not be held inside

He said I thought it was forbidden
A woman’s touch to know
Yet you held that beauty in your arms
So close a while ago

The master sighed and smiled
And said I held her it is true
But I set her down on solid ground
And now the one who carries her is you
Let it go - -

An insult from your neighbor
A harsh word from a friend
A glance you misinterpret
And a love comes to an end

We are not our past misfortunes
We won’t break if we can bend
We are bound for better stories
We can change until the end
Let it go

Searching for my Higher Power

Written By: Doug Brouder

They say that others have safely passed this way before
They say that I will somehow be alright
They say that if I simply walk along these well-worn steps
I won’t have to drink that vodka every night

I get in my car and drive off to the meeting
I’ve grown accustomed to the rhythms of the hour
All the greetings and the caring and the ritual thanks for sharing
But I just can’t seem to find my higher power

Because the Druids made me give away my chainsaw
The Hindus nixed my big old Weber grill
The Buddhist masters say to eat a grain of rice a day
And by breakfast time I’ve kinda had my fill
The Tantra folks say that when you’re with your woman
Instead of thirty minutes you’ll have hours
But I’ve got ADD
So what good is that to me
I’m still searching for my higher power

The Muslims make a big deal of the virgins
You’ll be issued as you waltz through heaven’s gate
I protest that seventy-two actually seems a bit too few
After having to go through so long a wait.

With the Christians it seemed counter-productive
To keep on pouring wine into my cup
And though a good corned beef on rye can be seductive
The Jews want something I just won’t give up

The Dunkers and the Taoists, Zoroastrians and Maoists
All have habits not allowed and this they stress
Everything that brings me pleasure
All the vices that I treasure
Must be given up in order for success I guess

The Wiccans say that everything you ever say or do
Will come back to you unto the power of three
I didn’t stop to think when I bought a friend a drink
And he handed three martinis back to me

The Shiites and the Shakers
Even Pennsylvania Quakers
Regulate your every whim both then and now
As laudable as that is
What just really leaves me flat is
That they say I oughta quit but won’t say how

And it’s been this way since the beginning
For the first folks even apples were forbid.
Seems religion feeds the struggle, priests ain’t even s’posed to snuggle
You can stuff your superego, I’ll take id.

Because –
The Druids made me give away my chainsaw
The Hindus nixed my big old Weber grill
The Buddhist masters say to eat a grain of rice a day
And by breakfast time I’ve kinda had my fill
The Tantra folks say let’s all get together
Instead of thirty -seconds - - you’ll have hours
Hey now, on second thought - that sounds good to me
We’ll take two hours, maybe three
I might have just found out my higher power
No longer searching for my higher power

Bring Them To Me

Written By: Doug Brouder

A pickle jar…the lid is tight… the sound that wakes you in the night
Scary traffic in the rain across the Tappan Zee
Crystal glasses…high on a shelf…some things you just can’t do yourself
Cares I sometimes fail to see…bring them to me

Bills in the mailbox…money woes…aching shoulders or runny nose
Cable’s out again or maybe it’s just this damned old t.v.
Phone’s actin’ funny, faucet’s got a leak, you’re always tired an’ your bones all creak
Bring those troubles out where I can see…bring them to me

Bring them to me when your times are getting rough
Bring them to me when you feel you’ve had enough
When the worries of the world come crashing on your head
Bring them to me and let me carry them instead
We’ll send those troubles out to sea
Bring them to me

Heavy suitcase, or stubborn flu …there’s nothing that I wouldn’t bear for you
Spider in the bathtub…or whatever trouble has to be…
Weeds in the garden…paint peelin’ off the wall
Whole world’s turned against you…and you’re feelin’ kinda small
No need to tiptoe carefully…bring them to me


Your toes are just like ice cubes…when you come in from the storm
Plant them smack against my legs…I’ll make them nice and warm
We’ll find ourselves a blanket…and a nice hot cup o’ tea
You can tell me ‘bout your day…later on we’ll talk of mine
I’ll make a little dinner…you can pour a little wine
If you still have any cares or any trouble…bring them to me

Switch Blade

Written By: Doug Brouder

So she’ll be safe he wraps them tight
A single candle spurns the night
It flickers on her golden skin
She holds her breath as he begins

Her eyes closed tight behind the mask
She sips the whisky from his flask
He pours it through her lips so fine
She takes it like communion wine

And then a change
The blade the whip
Her skin is pinched
She bites her lip
Her back is arched
He pulls away
He is the hunter
She the prey

At first he wouldn’t dare accept the power
Thought she was just acting
She said she’d only need the sharpest thorns and never flowers
He never guessed that she was

But now the razor knife he wields
Against her breast
She sighs and yields
And begs him now with open eyes
The blade now sharp against her thighs

And who is hunter
Who is prey
He cuts the rope and mask away
She reaches up
She pulls him in
They trade places and

So he’ll be safe she ties him tight
A single candle spurns the night
It flickers on his golden skin
He holds his breath as she


A new limited release CD, "Raw Songs," consists of stripped-down acoustic versions of new and old songs that were not on the first CD. Released just in time for NERFA 2011 for limited distribution there, "Raw Songs" contains eight acoustic gems including crowd-pleasers "Ellie" and "App-O-Tite" as well as new songs like "Bring Them to Me" and "Before You." Some of these songs stretch out a little beyond the short, tight songs of the first CD, in both duration and subject matter.

First CD: Grounded

Has had airplay (thanks a million!) from, among others, Gene Shay at WXPN, Wanda Fischer of WAMC, Angela Page of WJFF, Sue Kessell at WNUR, and last but certainly not least, Mary Cliff at WAMU.

In addition, selected cuts (Liquid Prison, Miss the Us) received unanimous thumbs-up at NERFA's infamous "On the Griddle" DJ critique session the last three years in a row, and "Weak Link" received unanimous rave reviews at Folk Alliance's Live Songwriter Critique session with WXPN's Gene Shay (2011).

Extensive New England airplay years ago of a song recorded for WTIC-AM, Hartford. "The Red Sox Blew It" - was played every time the Sawx lost, for years. (You do the math!)

Upcoming release will include several new crowd pleasers including "App-O-Tite," "Weak Link" and "How Does Love Work."

Set List

Typically all originals, though occasionally and depending on the occasion, the venue and the crowd will toss in something like "Rapid Roy" by Jim Croce, or "Early Morning Rain" by Gordon Lightfoot. In 'folkier' venues I have a pocketful of Tom Paxton, Ian and Sylvia, and an occasional traditional folk tune.

Will tailor to the occasion. With plenty of original music, set length is not a problem. [And, oh, that New Jersey guy who's famous for playing for three hours or so? Big deal. I do marathons; I can RUN that long.] That said, I am respectful of concert organizers, fellow musicians, and audience, and work according to the requested set length with minimal set-up time.

My appearances enlighten and entertain; I'm a natural crowd pleaser.

And as an opener, I can easily fit to the occasion as well, and am happy to support other artists by getting on, and off - the stage, on time as required.