Doug Clark Steiger

Doug Clark Steiger


Doug Clark Steiger performs acoustic-driven songs from folk to funk, spanning over 30 years of writing, loaded with word-images and emotionally-charged melodies that stick in your mind like peanut butter sticks to the roof of your mouth.


I grew up singing and got my first guitar for Christmas when I was nine. When I was nineteen I started playing clubs and I haven't stopped. Tons of songs finger-picked and strummed on the guitar from my head through my heart to the ears of those who will listen. I've been brewing up some great music here in Austin for the last 5 years.


Bird's doin' 35

Written By: Doug Clark Steiger

Bird's doin' 35, boy it's good to be alive, take it easy, now. Life don't last forever. Tina took a turn for the worse, some idiot stole her purse, take it easy, now. Life don't last forever.

(CHORUS) I know, I know. I'm not guessing anymore. I know, I know. I'm not guessing anymore.

Your serious. I'm writing something stupid. You're bold when I'm painfully shy. Life don't last forever.

This smart bomb's got a peep-site. Better crank up the windage and aim it right. Life don't last forever....

prettiest girl in the world

Written By: Doug Clark Steiger

She gets out of school at three/ Tomorrow that's where I'll be/ Walking hand-in-hand with the prettiest girl in the world/

I know her smile in a croud of a thousand little faces/ They say she looks alot like me/ My throat gets lumpy and my big old heart starts pounding/ When Cinderella runs to me/ Running hand-in-hand with the prettiest girl in the world/ Are you hungry?/ Are you sad?/ Are you tired?/ Are you mad?/ You can tell me/ I'll understand/ All I want to do is hold your precious hand.

these hands

Written By: Doug Clark Steiger

These hands, strong hands
will always work for you
I'll pick you up, I'll carry you
when you need to touch
I'll make love with you
These hands are reaching out to hold you/ These hands are happy to grow old with you/ These hands will do what they are told to do/ and I'm telling you I'll never let you go.
I was wrong/ I'm ashamed
You're so good/ yes, I'm to blame
I'm just a jealous fool afraid of losing you/ I need to make you see the joy you bring to me

If I fall

Written By: Doug Clark Steiger

That look in your eyes is worrying me/ Do I love you so blind I can't see?/ Is there cause for alarm?/ Please reassure me/ Don't prey on my insecurity.

Chorus: Most broken hearts will never mend
No-one to save you when you fall
So few survivors in the end
Love is the greatest risk of all
Love is the greatest risk of all
Will you catch me if I fall?
I'm counting on you/ Going out on a limb/ Throwing caution to the wind/ I'm taking a chance/ Playing with fire/ You're so beautiful/ You're my heart's desire.


Last line
Will you save me? Will you save me if I fall?


"TAKE ME WITH YOU" CD released in June, 05, 2005 available at or contact me through my website.

Set List

I don't like set lists. I play whatever comes to mind, depending on who is in my audience. I grew up musically on the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Glen Campbell, Neil Diamond, Chet Atkins, Cat Stevens, Eric Clapton, Gordon Lightfoot, John Prine, James Taylor, and many more, which I'm sure my own songs reflect.