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Oh my goodness... not only does this CD rock, but you could not ask for a greater guy... Keep it going Dougie! The music matches any mood you are in and keeps you intrigued the entire way!!! - S. Waylor via CD Baby

"Unique Acoustic Sound - Fantastic Music"

In this un-discovered EP you’ll find wrapped in smooth lyrics, an eclectic range of instruments and sound of Australia's Doug Edwards - his music is less demographically inclined and more internationally readied for full throttle volume and recognition. Just four songs – and you’re automatically endeared to this acoustic friend. Doug Edwards walks you through barefoot moments of leisure in “Lazy Sunday.” Making the day before the week begins almost wistful. Add the relaxed sound of “Favorite Songs” which makes you long for a sunny day, a great DJ playing perfect songs and a breeze to outstretch your arms to. Follow that with the young innocence of “Runaway” – easily swaying to the heart-sweet taste of all that’s possible and lastly, “Dust Trails” which is easily reminiscent of the widely love Eagles sound, yet is still given the twist Doug Edwards seems quite capable of in making his own signature marks. This EP shows talent for the yet discovered Edwards and his ability to be versatile and endearing in his music, as well with his fans, could lend to a decent following in the future. Buy this CD. - S.Simpson via CD Baby

"Incredible !"

Doug Edwards is the most refreshing, uniquely talented musician/singer/songwriter to come along in decades. He is also humble, genuine and truly devoted to his craft. I love his music and his voice and I can't get enough. "Dust Trails" has always been my favorite, with "Runaway" coming in a close second. I look forward to more and more music from him and I strongly suspect America, too, will be hearing from this very talented man. I'll be first in line to buy a concert ticket! BUY THIS CD! You'll be looking for more and more of them. I know I can't wait for another one. - S.Whitaker via CD Baby


1. Favorite Songs / Run Away EP
Song list from this EP below
* Favourite Songs
* Run Away
* Dust Trails
* Lazy Sunday
This EP has been sold internationally and is available on I-tunes and CD Baby plus MANY other sites like Amazon both in hard copy and digitally.
Favourite Songs from this EP has received a lot of airplay on commercial radio, community radio and streaming from internet radio stations.
2. Painted Pale (13 track album)
To be released in January, 2011
Single from this forthcoming album "Lost My Knack" has received drive-time rotation on Brisbane's 98.9 FM
Painted Pale (Due January, 2011)
First full Album release featuring the single "Lost my Knack" which was used in a drive time commercial on Brisbane's 98.9 FM.



Doug Edwards is a relatively new and exciting artist rapidly gaining an audience through his signature song writing, smooth vocals, and endearing style of music. Doug’s musical approach of fusing together bits of folk, pop, acoustic and country music has been the key to the success of his debut EP released in 2008 which received a large amount of community radio play and sold well both here in Australia and in the United States. Doug’s music is less demographically inclined and more internationally readied for full throttle volume and recognition.
Inspired by many great folk artists like Shawn Mullins, James Taylor, and John Denver, Doug began writing songs when he was 16. Now after a successful EP release, much community radio play, a swag of interviews, and having performed his music on the same stage and festival roster and stage as great Australian acts like Jon Stevens, Phil Emmanuel and The Black Sorrows and Busby Marou, Doug's music is attracting a lot of attention.
Doug's performances are down to earth, personal, and original to an audience. Whilst listening to one of Doug’s sets it is difficult to not end up lost somewhere between the pop-styled hooks in his chorus lines and that beautiful sparkly, folk styled acoustic guitar that has become signature of a Doug Edwards acoustic performance.
"Painted Pale", Doug's first album is to be released on May, the 1st, 2011 and by all accounts will be an absolute cracker of an album. The first single “Lost my Knack” from this album has been played in a drive time commercial by Brisbane’s 98.9 FM. With the release of “Painted Pale”, and now with the accompaniment of a full band, Doug is looking forward to playing more gigs and to taking this album and his music to more corners of the world.
Doug is also currently attending the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and completing a degree in popular music (the same degree that has helped people like Kate Miller-Heidke and Ian Peres from the successful Australian rock band Wolfmother.