Doug Forrester Band

Doug Forrester Band


We're the Doug Forrester Band, and we play a wide range of music from funk, to rock, to blues and to reggae. We love to jam and we love to lock into a groove. We play a whole bunch of our own originals, but we also play covers from artists such as Dave Matthews Band and Marvin Gaye. Just listen!


The Doug Forrester Band was formed in the spring of 2006 and was originally comprised of Doug Forrester, Justin Overfelt, Nick Overfelt. They made their first appearance in the summer of ‘06 at Wesley freedom church in Eldersburg, MD. It's often hard to place the DFB's exact genre. “Can‘t put a genre to it, and that’s good” states one pleased fan from the battle of the bands ‘07. The closest approximation we figure is a mix of soulful and groovy blues, rock, funk, and pop. It is a lot but that is the best way to describe the sound of the band. In the summer of 2007 they released their first CD entitled “Bare Bones EP” which features 6 original songs and one live jam. After a year in support of that CD, the band just finished their first full-length album "Jam Responsibly," released it at Fletcher's Bar in Baltimore, MD on August 15, 2008. The band had been steadily debuting songs from that album in live shows up until its release. The live sound of Doug Forrester Band is slightly different from the studio recordings. They tend to “jam” out their original songs. “You guys have great stage presence for how young you are” says Nick Reider, trumpet player for The Players Band. “One of the biggest concepts I want the band to stick to as far as live performances go, is to never play a song the same exact way twice, and never have two shows that are exactly like each other, kind of in the same realm of live performance as Dave Matthews Band” says Doug. Most of the bands recent live sets have contained a healthy portion of covers with everything from Eric Clapton to Marvin Gaye, along with plenty of their own original songs – “jammed out” of course. For video of the Doug Forrester Band just search us on YouTube! For a history of all DFB shows go here:


"Bare Bones EP" - June 2007
"Jam Responsibly" - August 2008

Set List

Our typical set list is mostly originals with a few covers thrown in. We like to play as long as possible, and have played one show where we were given 2 hours, but on average we seem to get 45 minute sets (which never seems to be enough for us). In a 45 minute set we have time for about 6-7 full songs, 1-2 of which are usually covers. We really take pride in making interesting set lists, as we love to do a lot of intros and outros, and segues into other songs, whether they be our own or covers. We love to mix-up things all the time and keep the audience on their toes, and even bring in the occasional guest to jam with us. All of our set lists/shows ever played can be found here: