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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
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"D.O.U.G.H. or Die"

D.O.U.G.H. or Die is a bass-heavy, seven-track EP on faith, temptation, giving into the latter and keeping the former, created by Nashville emcee D.O.U.G.H. The acronym stands for Driven Only Under God’s Hands, which is befitting for the prevailing themes of the record, as it makes known his own beliefs on relationships, the predicament of revenge versus forgiveness, and racial plights. A slew of Nashville producers had their hands in the project, including Ducko McFli (Trinidad James, Mach Five, Sean Faylon) and KG #Bandplay (French Montana, Chinx Drugs, Rich Boy).

The “D.O.D. Intro” opens with a vocation, asking for forgiveness and guidance before working the EP’s title in among lyrics questioning his pathway:
If you want that crown then earn it
But the castles don’t come furnished
Most kings get dethroned
I pray my fate hasn’t been determined

He also weighs in with some thoughts on women (Queens don’t give it up on the first night). Consumerism’s the new religion, he raps on “Outchea,” which draws out feelings of invisibility and predetermined failure:
Teachers couldn’t teach us
The preachers couldn’t reach us
If life’s a game, the devil’s cheering from the bleachers
They say you need Jesus
I’m praying that he sees us . . .

Meanwhile, he admonishes, D.O.U.G.H. or die as a warning—a slogan, almost—and a high truth.

Both victim and shooter are depicted in “Live By the Gun,” which errs on the side of vengeance over cheek-turning with:
Lord please forgive me
It’s an eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
If you live by the gun
You can die by it, too

The above unfolds amid a disconcerting vocal effect chorusing in the background.

D.O.U.G.H. or Die is easily more lyrically thematic than arresting sonically, but the bass and sound effects of “Right Back” are really good and probably the most memorable. Also, the velveteen voice of Anais Briggs of Jose & Mary on “Love on the Radio” is particularly good paired with piano keys and a heavy beat. - Jessica Pace

"Concrete Magazine Review"

D.O.U.G.H. OR DIE is a must have - Concrete Magazine

"Right Back on Greedmont Park"

Nashville is starting to put out talent like a factory. Here’s another artist, D.O.U.G.H., who sent this to us today. Pay attention what’s going on up there in Tennessee. - Stevo

"Big K.R.I.T. with Petty, Openmic and Dough at Limelight (5/16/13) (Review)"

Dough came on the stage and performed three songs with good reception from the steadily growing crowd packing in tighter and tighter as the minutes went by. - Zach McGee on Breakonacloud.com

"2 L's On A Cloud: Artist Spotlight"

After seeing this artist live at the Industry Night in downtown Nashville, he held the attention of each person in the crowd the entire time. His crowd presence is unbelieveabe - D'Llisha Davis of www.2lsonacloud.com

"Review Of D.O.U.G.H. OR Die on The Smoking Section"

Actually, listen to any track on this refined seven-song short and you’ll hear nothing but intimate details that don’t just come across as tales from the hood, but well-analyzed critiques of his surroundings and a road-map to successfully grinding though any subsequent pitfalls. With the majority of the genre delivering pretty much the opposite of those tuned in traits, appreciating both D.O.U.G.H.’s struggle and music are that much easier for anyone who likes layers to their rap music. - Beware of The Smoking Section


Daily Bread 2011
The Sidebar EP 2012
D.O.U.G.H. Or Die 2013



In a city who's hip hop scene is immensely overshadowed by country music there stands D.O.U.G.H. (Driven Only Under God's Hands) who give this genre a glimmer of hope. With 1 highly-praised project under his belt, "D.O.U.G.H. or Die" is sure to bring more attention to D.O.U.G.H.'s ability to weave street conscience lyricism with cunning wittiness and a boisterous delivery.

From small town obscurity to the bright stage lights of the big city explains D.O.U.G.H.'s musical journey. Originally from Paducah, Ky, Jonathan "D.O.U.G.H." Duo was introduced to hip hop by his older cousin. She would spend countless hours spinning vinyl, rehearsing dance moves and teaching him chords of some of the top hip hop songs of the day. He explained "This is where I definitely gained all my inspiration from". He also sung in his church choir as a child and began exploring creative writing in middle school.

After several lunch room cyphers and growing pains it wasn't until his mid 20's that he decided to take his craft seriously. Relocating to Nashville, Tn after a couple of semesters at Northern Kentucky University he regained inspiration from the budding underground scene. He began to produce and collaborate with several local acts such as Charlie P, Moss Tha Beast and Block Star. In early 2011, Shea Butter, a track that featured Kurtis Stanley of Gummy Soul was featured on Episode #133 on HoodHype.com . Around this time he also began hitting stages around the region performing at various showcases. It was an Industry Night showcase where he caught the attention of Dl'lisha Davis who would later write up an Artist Spotlight on her blog 2L's On A Cloud, one of Nashville's premiere hip-hop sites. He also won a "Best Artist" award after rocking the crowd at Hopewell Entertainment's Showcase hosted at The Rutledge in Nashville.

In November of 2011 he linked up with local clothing line Lovers & Fighters
to release his first official project "Daily Bread"
on the same day as his performance at Sneakers & Speakers Filled with personal tragedies and triumphs over melodic production "Daily Bread" was an effort that captured the hearts of many with it's diverse subject matter. The album was posted on many blogs across the region and was even reviewed by Sean Maloney of the Nashville Scene. "Sleepers" one of the album's biggest gems, received a considerable amount of spins on Nashville based internet radio station Beatknockin Radio and is a favorite of it's staff including SEA Award-winning host Mic Wise.

Releasing a 4-song fan appreciation E.P. entitled The Sidebar last summer, the emcee is looking to begin the year off strong with his new project, "D.O.U.G.H. OR DIE". This effort has been featured on several notable hip hop blogs and magazines including The Smoking Section and Concrete Magazine

Recently opening up for Big K.R.I.T., D.O.U.G.H. continues to gain new fans with each performance and every listen. GOT DOUGH?

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