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Doug Hallock and Broken

Tucson, Arizona, United States | SELF

Tucson, Arizona, United States | SELF
Band Christian Classic Rock


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"Fundraiser's goal is clean, sober"

Tears glistened on Lee Anne Armstrong's cheek as music from the Christian rock group Doug Hallock and Broken rang out over Udall Park, 7200 E. Tanque Verde Road.

Armstrong, 52, spent 35 years addicted to crack cocaine. For 15 of them, she tried every 12-step program available, and none worked, she said.

She became sober five years ago, and she credits her newfound Christianity for it.

"That was the missing ingredient," she said.

Armstrong now serves as the Bible study leader at Clean and Serene, a halfway house for recovering drug and alcohol addicts.

She was one of nearly 3,000 people who went out Saturday to support Ride to Recovery, a fundraiser for Turn Your Life Around, a Tucson nonprofit group that provides services to people seeking help in recovering from addiction.

Karl Holland, executive director of Turn Your Life Around, said the organization raised about $2,700 from food sales, entry fees for a car show put on by Door Slammers and raffle tickets sold for a 1983 Cadillac Eldorado.

A jumping castle and face- painting were available for kids.

The money will help provide services to the roughly 2,000 clients TYLA serves annually, said founder Cheryl Holland. - Arizona Daily Star

"Band changing lives with prison concerts"

Background: For a dozen years, he ran the Hallock Insurance Agency all the while nursing a growing drug habit that started with marijuana and alcohol in the 1970s and progressed to cocaine, opiates and pain pills. He was a full-blown heroin addict in 2005 when his wife and friends held an intervention and forced him into rehab at a Phoenix hospital. He spent three months in a Christian-centered rehab - the program was supposed to last a year - before returning to Tucson to rescue his business. He sold it in August 2008 and launched a music ministry with his "outlaw Christian" band Broken - Kirk Feagin, Gary Habbestad, Jose Trevino and Rich Booth. The group is seeking nonprofit status as a missionary organization. It plays mostly in the rehab community as well as in prisons.

Personal: The 51-year-old singer-songwriter and his wife, Teri, have been married 27 years. They have a 9-year-old daughter.

How he got into Christian music: Hallock started doing small shows at churches in 2007 and then expanded to prison ministry.

"What I saw was like looking in the mirror. They are just like me, and I'm just like them. They are looking for hope," he said. "We believe there's hope and salvation through Jesus Christ, and you can be set free from whatever your issue is."

"When he came out here, he affected the lives of a whole group of people," said Arizona State Prison-Kingman Chaplain Wayne Basye, who works for the prison's private-sector management company, Management Training Corp.

His sound: Southern rock blended with classic rock. Think Lynyrd Skynyrd meets the Eagles.

The message and the music: "Musically I think we're OK. . . . We come and talk about real stuff and how to be open about that. And that's really where we found this makes an effect. In the prison, it is the real deal. We all try to be transparent. We all give testimony."

Sample lyrics: "I am crying up to you, oh Lord / Please help me / I am weighted down with shame now / . . . Oh hear me; I surrender / A struggling sinner / To you, to you." ("Depression," written by Hallock, from "Dead Man Walkin'.")

Where you can see him play: 5 p.m. Jan. 16, battle of the bands at The Rock, 136 N. Park Ave.

Recordings: "Dead Man Walkin' " came out in June.

See him online: - Arizona Daily Star

"Awoe Music Reviews The Worlds Newest and Best Music"

Dead Man Walkin’ is by far the best album by Doug Hallock & Broken because it brings life to Psalm 147:3, ‘He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.’ Someone said to me recently that broken people attract broken people. Some people would think that was a bad thing, but when you listen to Doug Hallock & Broken you know that in brokenness there’s healing. Over this past year I’ve watched the group go through changes. I’ve listened to them grow and they are still one of the most down to earth humble bands you’ll ever meet. With the inspiration of God, Dead Man Walkin’ gives us 12 songs that mirrors Doug Hallock & Broken’s life and ministry of addiction, salvation and recovery. Doug Hallock & Broken has turned years of addiction into a ministry to help reach those who are still struggling. Doug Hallock & Broken has played a big part in speaking to the broken hearted, testifying to God’s unchanging love to souls who are dependent on something other than Christ.
The best way to describe Dead Man Walkin’ is entering into an intimate conversation with God that opens a window into Doug Hallock's life starting with Teri’s Song. Teri is the name of Doug’s wife and the song touches the heart of any struggling marriage or relationship. Doug allows us to see his inner struggle as he sings, ‘Fear is all I’ve known, my brain wants me to leave, Jesus save us, I’m in this for life.’ He takes us to that place where our heads are telling us to give up, but our hearts have a desire to fight. My favorite song from the album is Forgiven because it almost feels like a love song. It’s a song that reminds us that even when our past is forgiven it isn’t always forgotten by those around us, but true love doesn’t give up hope even on the most damaged of souls. My favorite verse in this song is, ‘I can’t understand, why you want this broken down man…the hurt stuck in my heart twisting slowly, it cuts so deep,’ because it’s when we're hurting that we hurt others the most. Yet for us to be forgiven and loved is an enigma to our souls. Bring Back The Glory is an upbeat song with a message to the struggling believer who recognizes that they’re on the wrong road. It’s a place I think we all find ourselves in the longer we’ve been in Christ. ‘Bring back the glory of when I was saved, I’m losing ground now, need your strength…I want to know you in an intimate way,’ it’s a prayer I’ve even prayed at one point in time.
Needless to say if you or someone you know has been searching for hope, Dead Man Walkin' is an album that shares the heart of a broken man that's been mended by God's love. A pure testimony of the healing power of God that if we talk to Jesus he will pick up the pieces of our soul and heal the brokenness within.
Dead Man Walkin' is available on:

- Awoe Magazine

"What The Pastor's Say"

Roger Blumenthal, Executive Pastor at Pantano Christian Church says:

“There may not be a more honest and transparent band in the country. Broken is a band that is made of up men who have found the power of what Jesus is all about, Gods grace, mercy and love…..and having experienced it they now have hope.

Their message is relevant and real, their music is from the depths of their pain and the heights of their trust in God alone.

God is moving through them which is evident in the passion of their music.”

Roger Blumenthal/Executive Pastor

Pantano Christian Church

Pastor Davide Ferrari of Central City Assembly says:

“As a Pastor it is an honor to work with ministers who are as sold out and committed as Doug Hallock and his band Broken. Their professionalism, commitment to excellence, and dedication to minister with integrity is a blessing that will reach a segment of people who are in desperate need of hearing what this band has to say. Our experience with them was amazing and I would recommend them to any church, promoter, or event that really wants to reach out to those who are hurting and in need of recovery.”

Pastor Davide Ferrari
Central City Assembly
Tucson, Arizona

Pastor Neil Watson of Saguaro Canyon Evangelical Free Church wrote:

“This band puts it’s heart and soul into their worship music. I especially appreciate the song “That Preacher”. It gives me goose bumps evey time I hear it!”

Pastor Neil

Glen Elliot Senior Pastor at Pantano Christian Church wrote:

“Doug, worship was outstanding! I’ve heard nothing but extreme praise. You lead people to the heart of God.”

Glen Elliot

Chaplain Steve Young say’s:

“I was looking for some special music to come to the prison and sing to the 14 to 17 year old inmates at the Minor unit, and the band BROKEN was referred to me. After speaking with Doug Hallock, there was no doubt that this was the right group.

Even though this band had never been to the State Prison, they were willing to step out in faith. They went thru all the background checks, inventory lists and clothing requirements. And not only did they play a concert, they gave their testimonies.

Broken has a special gift that prisoners can relate to. Some prisoners who missed the concert keep asking me when they will come again. I feel that God is using you in the streets, in churches and in the prison. We expect 200 prisoners at your next concert here this Saturday! We look forward to hearing you more - it has been an honor for me to meet this band and call them my brothers.

Chaplain Steve Young ASPC 574-0024 ext. 37117
Pastor Steve Young, Road To Grace Bike Church 405-1217

Chaplain John Auvenshine from Wilmot Prison wrote:

Doug and others:
I have received several affirmations regarding God working through
“Broken” in last night’s service. They include:
*I liked the music but especially the testimonies.
*The words of the songs, not just the beat, meant a lot.
*An inmate letter [their primary way of communicating, other than verbally, with me] stated, “Thank you (chaplain) very much for having the band-Broken-perform a concert for us. I personally appreciate the spiritual blessing from Lord God, you, and the brothers in the band. If ever you have the opportunity to hear or see them again, please let them know that they are in our daily prayers, and so are you chaplain.” “May the blessings of Numbers 6:24-26 be upon all of you. And, may all of you be blessed with His favor of spiritual, physical and financial blessings as well.”

I hope that helps you know that God was honored and lives touched in the service. Again several of the guys mentioned
they appreciated the words not just the beat or “loudness”.

James Moffett of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church wrote:

Dear Doug:

I’m not sure how we can ever thank you for everything that you and your band BROKEN have done for us. Your performance at our first worship service and the concert afterwards helped launch our Celebrate Recovery Ministry.

After the concert, one of the members of our church told me that he had to stay in his seat for a while after you stopped playing. We both agreed that the words to some of your songs are so powerful that they have a physical impact on the listener.

During the music you performed during the worship service and concert, the thought came to me that the best way to describe the music was that it was music of joyful praise. I believe that your music expresses the love of Christ that we all feel, but often have difficulty expressing.

Speaking for all of us at St. Paul’s, it is our hope that we can worship with the music of BROKEN often in the future.


James J. Moffett, Ph.D.

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Take This Cup - Released in February of 2007

A Blessed Man - Released in February 2008

Dead Man Walkin' - Released in May 2009

Thorn - Release in June 2010



I was a drug addict all my life.

In 2004 I was going to die, strung out on heroin, a liar, cheat and a thief. Then a wonderful thing - an intervention. I was given a chance for freedom, and I took it.

A three month stay in a Christ-based recovery program gave me hope and left me drug free for the first time in many years. As I write this in 2010, I am still clean.

My marriage has been restored, and my wife Teri and I have been married for 28 years now. My daughter Ashley thinks I'm cool (yes, I am cool.) I have been saved by grace and grace alone. Nothing I have done is worthy of this freedom.

Shortly after getting clean, I began writing and singing about what I know best - the pain of drug addiction, and the glory and joy of being set free through Christ.

I released my first cd, Take This Cup, in February 2007. My second cd, A Blessed Man, was released in February 2008. The third cd, Dead Man Walkin', is the first with the whole band, Broken, playing. The latest cd, Thorn, will be released in June 2010

I'm going to keep going.

I play as a soloist or with my band, Doug Hallock and BROKEN. We have played eight concerts to date in the Arizona State Prison system and are planning to play prisons throughout the United States. We play at all kinds of events from coast to coast - churches, biker rallies, youth events, Celebrate Recovery kick-offs and meetings, homeless shelters, pretty much wherever anyone is brave enough to hear our message - Addiction, Salvation, Recovery.

In February 2010, the government somehow believed in what we are doing and recognized us as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. We are hoping with donations and the sale of our music for the band to be able to do the work of the ministry full time.

Check out the songs and music here and see if this is for you. Purchase or download my cd's online at or If you would like to schedule an event, please contact me at:

Doug Hallock