DoughBoi Cash

DoughBoi Cash

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I would say that i'm the best kept secret! With the right exposure i don't think there's anything I couldn't do.


My real name is Derek but I go by the name DoughBoi Cash. I'm from Detroit, MI but moved back and forth from Birmingham, AL growing up. I got the name DoughBoi in college because the Doughboyz are my High School mascot and I happen to be the only boy from my High School (Pershing) that year. If you listen to my music it basically describes me. From the type of things I like to do, wear, say and all around personal experiences. A few of my influences include 2Pac, Young Jeezy, and T.I. I think what sets me apart from everyone else is the fact that just do me. I don't try to sound like anyone else, I just do me!


The Summer's Mine (Mixtape) is available for download on!