Doug Hecox

Doug Hecox

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA

Nationally touring comedian/author who worked his way through college performing in clubs across America


A comedian's comedian, Doug blends clever wordplay and insights learned from his many jobs -- ranging from prison tour guide, author, radio personality, oil refinery worker, lifeguard, White House aide to Oscar Mayer weinermobile truck driver -- to keep audiences laughing. Comedian Wendy Liebman called him "brilliant," and other nationally known comedians with whom he has worked - including George Lopez, Kathleen Madigan, Mitch Fatel, Greg Fitzsimmons and Jeff Caldwell - have similarly positive regard for this gifted comedian.

Doug was the first comedian to perform in Washington, DC, following 9/11, and says he likes audiences to laugh "because it shows terrorists we aren't afraid of them."


CD "Vote For Me"
Books: "Star Spangled Banter" and "Graze Expectations"

Set List

I am a comedian -- I can do 45-60 minutes easily, or I can do 20-30 minutes easily. Whatever you need, I can do. Twenty years of performing give me a virtually endless amount of material -- clean and otherwise!