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Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States
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"'Vote For Me' navigates the perils of illegal immigration, holidays and the political humor expected from a resident of D.C. Adding in personal anecdotes and sharp one-liners, Hecox keeps his jokes fresh and the audience guessing what presidential candidate he will bash next." -- Traci Brooks, AU Eagle
- American University

Quite possibly the only University of Wyoming graduate who has gone on to be a professional stand-up comedian has recently released his latest comedy album.

Homegrown comedian Doug Hecox’s album, “Vote For Me,” came out this month.

Hecox, who grew up in Rawlins, is a former Associated Students of the University of Wyoming vice president who graduated from UW in 1991, and has an extensive history with comedy.

“I fell into reading ‘Mad Magazine’ and soon I was spending a lot of time reading humor in libraries. So I’d have something witty to say at recess, I probably read every joke book in Carbon County,” Hecox said.

“Actually, it was UW where I did stand-up for the first time. There was a campus comedy competition in 1989 that I entered.”

Hecox’s comedy is a unique blend of topical humor, political humor, business humor and college-appropriate ‘edgy’ material.

“[My comedy] stands out because I go to great pains to make sure it’s funny. The material I chose for ‘Vote For Me’ should be funny to anyone who hears it,” Hecox said.

“What makes it unusual is that it is inventive, and I work hard to make it the sort of material that will be funny years from now.”

“Timely jokes are great, but timeless jokes are better,” he said. Hecox also writes columns for some Wyoming newspapers to help keep his “material fresh.”

“I used to do a lot of jokes about my girlfriend, because everyone either has one, wants one or is one. But it’s sort of a predictable topic, so I don’t do it as much,” Hecox said.

“My dirty material is a personal favorite but I am leery of using it for fear that people will think less of me. I’m just a boy scout at heart,” he said.

Even though Hecox has a successful career as a stand-up comedian, he still has some pretty “fun” ambitions. He hopes to one day perform at the Wyoming State Penitentiary.

“Those guys have so little to laugh at and have had so little contact with the outside world that, in theory, they should laugh at anything,” he said.

Hecox often tailors his comedy for his audience. While his comedy club gigs aren’t elaborately customized, his performances at corporate events and political fund raisers are. “Jokes about politicians go over well with politicians,” he said.

“[Hecox] has appeared on CNBC, Country Music Television and XM Radio’s Comedy Channel, and his written works have appeared in Reader’s Digest, The Washington Post, the Laramie Boomerang and other newspapers around the state,” according to a news release.

The best thing about doing stand-up comedy “It’s fun. Being paid to be the most popular guy in the room, and have everyone applaud for you? It beats digging ditches,” he said.

“Vote For Me” debuted on Washington DC-area radio Monday on WPFW 89.3 FM.

Doug Hecox will be at Barnes and Noble in Cheyenne from 1 to 3 p.m. on Nov. 30 to sign copies of “Vote For Me.”
- University of Wyoming - Branding Iron (Oct. 2008)

"Local funnyman Doug Hecox entertains with selections from his latest CD, 'Vote For Me.' This is a reminder for all registered Democrats and Republicans to ignore the tendentious claims of Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain and write in Doug’s name on your ballot come Tuesday. And if you can’t make it Tuesday, write it in on Wednesday. Because such a futile gesture will surely be appreciated by Mr. Hecox. He is, after all, from Wyoming.

"If the album cover doesn’t convince you of Doug’s worthiness, then you might as well stay away from the polls or move to Russia."

- KPFW-FM Radio - Oct. 2008


CD "Vote For Me"
Books: "Star Spangled Banter" and "Graze Expectations"



A comedian's comedian, Doug blends clever wordplay and insights learned from his many jobs -- ranging from prison tour guide, author, radio personality, oil refinery worker, lifeguard, White House aide to Oscar Mayer weinermobile truck driver -- to keep audiences laughing. Comedian Wendy Liebman called him "brilliant," and other nationally known comedians with whom he has worked - including George Lopez, Kathleen Madigan, Mitch Fatel, Greg Fitzsimmons and Jeff Caldwell - have similarly positive regard for this gifted comedian.

Doug was the first comedian to perform in Washington, DC, following 9/11, and says he likes audiences to laugh "because it shows terrorists we aren't afraid of them."