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Doug Lansky



Doug Lansky is one of America’s foremost experts on budget travel. After nine years on the road, over 100 countries, five filled passports, four foreign languages, hundreds of the world’s great adventures under his belt, countless nights on trains, buses, ferries, hostel rooftops, one broken ankle in Thailand, and more bouts of dysentery than he would care to remember, Doug has a bounty of travel insights.

Using entertaining anecdotes and over 700 full-screen color images from around the planet, Doug will bring the audience along for a one-hour global journey, and impart valuable advice along the way.

Learn how to find jobs and volunteer projects around the world.
Find out how to avoid the dangerous, costly, and just plain embarrassing traps that ensnare most travelers.
Save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on your trip. Doug has budget tips that range from booking your ticket to catching cheap rides on private yachts to avoiding the toilet fee in European train stations.
Discover how to get off the tourist trail and find your own adventure. Doug encourages travelers to pursue their own interests (not the guide book's), and shows them how.
Win a FREE Eurail pass. Doug gives away a train pass at each of his presentations to an audience member.

Traveling is many things, but it’s not rocket science—with a few good tricks and a glimpse of life on the trail, you’ll be off to a head start.

Doug, originally from Minnesota, has written a weekly Chicago Tribune-syndicated column for five years that has reached 10 million readers in over 40 newspapers, penned several books, including, Last Trout in Venice, Up the Amazon without a Paddle, and Rough Guide to Traveling Around the World. Doug has edited an award-winning travel-humor anthology, contributed monthly to Public Radio’s flagship travel program, Savvy Traveler and hosted an hour-long travel documentary for the Travel Channel/Discovery Channel and taught journalism at Colorado College. His travels have left him living in Colorado, New York, France, Spain, Holland, Norway, and Sweden—where he currently makes his base camp in Stockholm with his Swedish wife Signe, and their new baby, Sienna.

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