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Artist, Douglas L. Hill is making a mark on the music scene with his newly released CD project entitled: "Jesuguru" - now being distributed on Mekko Records nationally and internationally. This debut project contains songs that point to our relationship with Christ and mankind. Douglas is ever ready to tackle the issues we all face’ to bring a light of clarity and a slightly different perspective on our day to day existence. Music with meaning and a message. To inspire you to hope again. "You can make it!"

Douglas L. Hills style is different, ranging from Contemporary Christian, Hip-Hop/R&B to jazz influences with thoughtful, catchy, and colorful lyrical inspirational content. Like his hit singles “Kept an Eye” and “Faith Is”- both singles are very dynamic, Genuine & poignant ranging from inspirational to hip-hop/R&B respectfully. Yet driving home a strong message of faith.

Douglas has been singing since his youth and plans to continue doing so for decades and decades to come. He is currently set to release his second CD entitled “Jesuguru” to be released in late summer early fall 2004. Douglas is an excellent dancer/performer and can move with the best of them. He has a hunger that exudes out of him - a fire burning on the inside, to be the best and change the world thru his creative expression. Unstoppable! Douglas, a native of Canton, Ohio, is no stranger to Christian music as he grew up in church singing in church choirs, community choirs.

In 1995, Douglas started his own record label - Pre-Destinee Music Inc. where he plans to help young artists to reach their potential through artist development in all areas. While taking his gift to the four comers of the earth so that every person can be touched with the 'good news'. Douglas upon completing his CD (and before) has opened for several of today's top gospel artists such as 'Yolanda Adams' and 'Anointed' (2 years consecutively), The Williams Brothers, performed with Tremaine Hawkins, and (most recently) Vanessa Bell Armstrong, and other known recording artists. Douglas is a Praise & Worship Leader of 10+ years and was a recent member of Bishop Noel Jones' church in Gardena, CA - where he was an active member of the "Spirit and Truth" praise and worship team.

Douglas can also be seen in such upcoming movies as "Spiderman2" & “A Cinderella Story” this summer. He also appeared in "You got served”, "Malibu's Most Wanted" & “Duplex” now on DVD.

This is just the beginning... be on the lookout for music videos, concert dates, and television performances in the months and years to come. You will be blessed!


Label: Pre-Destinee Music/Mekko Records
Genre: Gospel/Christian
Release: August 26th 2004
Nationwide: Sept. 30th 2004

Track Listing

1. Explode
2. I'm Not pressed Blessed
3. I'll Bless Thee
4. Prelude
5.I Never Thought
6. I feel It Now
7. Prelude
8. S.G.L
9. Kept An Eye
10. How Come Now Come
11. The Scene
12. Prelude
13. LA Girl
14. Life is a Breeze
15. Speak to You
16. Faith Is
17. Perfect Solitude
18. Yo Mommas Mamma
19. Prelude
20. Pure as Gold (Remix)