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"ATOMSPLIT Microstar CD Review"

Pop-punk band out of Atlanta with a lot of the right elements in the right places. They've got snapping drums, crunchy guitars, good low end and decent vocal harmonies, and they even have a few songs worthy of airplay, particularly "Surreal" and the extremely cleverly arranged "American Eyes." On the undeniable strength of songs like those, I want to like this band way more than I do. The problem is that by the end of the CD it's long ago stopped sounding particularly interesting, at least to these ears, and it's only a 36 minute disc. It never stops sounding like a good band on display, and there's a clever guitar hook here and a nice vocal part there, but it starts to feel like "hey, I've heard this before." I'm happy to have it for four or five of the thirteen songs, though, and I remember a time when an album had a hit and everything else was filler, so...

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End Up Here - 2007 Full length CD

EP3K 2004 ep
MicroStar 2002 full length
GangWay 2001 ep
One Ton Suit 2000 full length
Atomsplit 1999 ep



Douglas James Davenport's self-proclaimed tag-line is "If I'm not strummin' - I'm bumming!"

It's a fitting slogan for a guy who has spent almost ten years writing and performing award-winning and CMJ charting songs for Southeastern indie power pop band ATOMSPLIT.

Now Douglas is taking a break from the four man band scenario to entertain and inspire the world again as an independent singer songwriter.

"Solid songs have ALWAYS been the basis of my thing. They record well and they perform well. So it's a natural transition from band frontman to a lone singer songwriter (though I do feel a bit naked at times!)", comments Douglas.

Douglas is releasing his 16 track CD "End Up Here" this spring to college radio and the indie folk scene. As a seasoned performer and songwriter his set is one that's guaranteed to please all types of audiences.

"The music on this release comes from love, life, and the angst filled pursuit of ironic observations. This translates well to engaging a live audience with themes they can relate to, thoughts they can ponder and tidbits they can laugh at," says Douglas.

Check out his the interactive web site for "End Up Here" at