Doug Robertson

Doug Robertson


Fifty year old guitar, dead strings, soothing voice, poetry.


Douglas Robertson grew up with a piano in the house. His father was an engineer, discerning clearly between the slight variances in each word of his spoken language. He barely learned to play the instrument when he was young. In school he prided himself on his seemingly natural ability to grasp and articulate abstract concepts, beit into poetry, explaination, or story. He aged, and with years came exposure to music. Writing began slowly to be a frequent yet subdued practice of his. As is the case with most young adolescants, he became intrigued by the different pitches, keys and rythms in the world of music. As is also often the case for the youth, poetic styles and the emotions they represented found a way of dumbing him. As he grew so did his interest in music. Writing would become something more passionate for him in these same years. Eventually he found an old guitar and wrote an album.


The Sea and the Moon (Kelly)

Written By: Douglas Robertson

I know these words their just puddles
But they came from the ocean in my heart
Where fantasies live and I dreamed of you
I am the sea you are the moon

And if these words, they’re just whispers
It’s ‘cause they’re meant only for you to hear
And did you know it hurt to be around you
You’re the beautiful cloud above my head

Did you know your smile it broke my heart,
Turned the pieces into stars
And in your eyes I saw the reflecting;
The most beautiful sky I ever saw

And when the New Year came
I had to miss the fun
‘cause I saw you happy
And it had nothing to do with me

Did you know your smile it broke my heart,
Turned the pieces into stars
And in your eyes I saw them reflecting;
The most beautiful sky I ever saw

Did you know your smile it broke my heart,
Turned the pieces into sand
Amidst the ocean’s fabrics you and he
Are walking on them hand in hand

I realized

Written By: Douglas Robertson

I realized through the fog
That the streetlights were no more than fireflies
And the constellations in my heads were divine and mine
When I first saw behind my eyes

With the moon and the trees and the sea was me
Smiling on what Mother Earth made
Goin’ na na na na na na
Na na na na na na

So come away come away with me and Jilli
We’re gonna sail through the galaxy
We’re gonna cut the anchor of and then float away
‘till there’s no more night or night or day

Because the moon and the sun
Will melt into one
So cool your blood and calm you mind my friend
This can never become undone

This is a map
To the place where I wrote these letters from

Under hemlocks I’ll wait
Every night ‘till you come

And you glow when you go
You glow when you
Go this I know

So promise to remember me
And I’ll remember you
For all the things we really wanted to
But never let ourselves do

And when you look into the sea
Remember we’re all perfect
That’s the way its always been and will come to be yet

Malthusian Theorem

Written By: Douglas Robertson

You want your day
In the sun
And the Lord knows
I want mine too

And if we get our day
It better last some long
‘cause I just know
This world’s gonna end

Stoned again
And thinkin’ ‘bout guns
At least the kids
Are getting by

And if I was any kind of kind
I would take your life
Isn’t that what friends
Are for?

Now put your lips at my ear
And tell me your fears
But you ain’t never gonna get
To know mine

And the lake is gettin’ dirt in it
But the smokestacks ain’t stopped
We’ve still got a hell of a ways
To walk

Here it comes
Shining bright
Now let go
Of my hand

And didn’t someone say
Life is a game
We’re merely players
On a stage


Sea, Smoke, and Twilight (2007)

Set List

Malthusian Theorem - Douglas Robertson
Laura - Douglas Robertson
The Sea and the Moon (Kelly) - Douglas Robertson
In the Morning - Douglas Robertson
Love & Voodoo - Douglas Robertson
I Realized - Douglas Robertson
Them and their Dusk - Douglas Robertson
Ta Parfume - Douglas Robertson
Who 'd 'a' thunk it? - Douglas Robertson
The Beast - Douglas Robertson
Rumplestilskin - Doulas Robertson
Oil-slicks and Sanscrit - Douglas Robertson
Annabelle-Lee - Douglas Robertson
Pennies (A hymn for a new song) - Douglas Robertson
The Saiviite - Douglas Robertson
Massacre of the Faceless - Douglas Robertson

First Day of My Life - Bright Eyes
Romulus - Sufjan Stevens
Walk Away - Ben Harper
Daydream - Lovin' Spoonful
Golden Brown - The Stranglers
Where is My Mind? - The Pixies
Naked as We Came - Iron and Wine
Karma Police - Radiohead
Sex and Candy - Marcy Playground